Billiards Books About Pool

Title: The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards (Paperback)

Author: David G. AlciatoreThe Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

Where To Buy:

Price: $11.33

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

Here’s a book that’s a good read. If you need to read something relating to billiards/pool I would recommend this one. This book caters to both billiards players who are complete beginners to seasoned professionals which I hope to be someday. What makes this book interesting is that it has colored photos to guide you into how to become a better pool player. To name a few techniques, you can learn how to perfect a bank shot, where to aim to hit a cue ball using your cue stick, and how to perfect combination shots.

Another interesting note to point out about this book is that it also teaches you how to play a game of 8-ball and 9-ball. The author, Dr. David “Dr. Dave” Alciatore has a passion for billiards and has dedicated everything he knows to playing the game of billiards in this book. If you have any comments please add them in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks.

Pool table covers: 8-Foot Brown Heavy Leatherette Billiard Table Cover

Description: Pool table covers (leather)

By: Felson Billiard SuppliesBilliards Table Cover

Where To Buy:

Price: $44.99 (plus free shipping)

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

Overtime, all new items in a household collects dust. So, if you want to avoid this, you might want to consider a cover to protect your billiards table. This can keep it looking like new and to play on for years to come. This can also prevent any unexpected scratches when the table is not in use.

There’s this item on that I found that is reliable in protecting your pool table, and hope that you are satisfied with.

Here is what this cover is made of:

  • Brown leatherette billiard table cover
  • Measures 8 feet long, 4.5 feet wide (not including 9″ side drapings)
  • Made from high-quality naugahyde
  • Features weighted corners and machine-sewn seams for added durability
  • Helps protect pool table from dust, spills and damage

I am sure that, in addition to protecting your table from dust, spills and damage, this item can also prevent the felt of your billiards table from discoloration especially on hot summer days when the table is exposed under direct sunlight. So, when it comes to table top protection for your billiards table, you cannot go wrong with this item.

Cue rack to hold your billiards sticks and accessories: 10 Pool – Billiard Stick & Ball Set Floor

Description: Billiards Cue Rack

By: Iszy Billiards

Wood Finish: Mahogany, Black, or OakMahogany Pool Rack

Where To Buy:

Price: $74.95 (+$20.13 shipping)

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

There might be some of you that have extra cue sticks lying around that might already be occupied on the wall rack because there’s no more space. Or, instead of lying around, maybe those extra cue sticks are just put on the table because of that very same reason: there’s no more room to put them in. Well, here’s a stand that holds ten sticks,the 9-ball and 8-ball racks and all 16 pool balls

About this billiards cue rack:

  • 10 cue and ball floor rack – mahogany finish
  • Cues, balls, brush, chalk and ball racks not included
  • Made of wood – Holds 10 cues and full set of balls plus accessories
  • Hook for ball rack — Measurements are 31 1/4″ H X 29 1/2 W X 8 7/8″ D
  • Some assembly required

Instead of having only a wall rack which only holds cue sticks, you have the option of using a FLOOR rack. I saw this on and thought this would be a great alternative to the wall rack because not only does it hold cue sticks, but because it also holds the two ball racks and the pool balls as well.

Billiard Table Reviews: Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard Table

Description: Billiard Table Fat Cat Frisco II 7-Boot Billiard Table

By: Fat Cat

Where To Buy:

Price: $899.99 (plus free shipping)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

As I was looking for a Brunswick item to find for you to play quality billiards on, I stumbled upon this item on called the Fat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard Table. I know what some of you might be asking yourselves, “Why is this table not from a trusted quality like Brunswick?” Well, as it turns out when I was looking for a Brunswick-made pool table, I found this item instead. And, knowing that all the items are not going to be made from Brunswick, my focus of this site is find items that are the “best bang for the buck”. So, I went ahead and decided to promote this product as it has mostly good reviews from Amazon customers. 

About the Fat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard Table:

  • 7 year warranty on the 1 inch Accuslate play surface
  • 6″ rails with white diamond inlays
  • K66 Rubber bumpers and Brown wool cloth
  • Beveled legs with wood veneer mahogany
  • Accessories include: 2-57″ cues, 1 set of billiard balls, 2 pieces of chalk

You can add additional accessories to go along with the ones that are already included with the purchase of the table. I will provide them in the next post for your convenience. I hope this table satisfies your shooting pool gaming needs.


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    Armand ,

    I like the set up of your web page and the information is awesome.
    Good job.

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      Hi Valrie! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on this page. I continue to add as much relevant information as I can. Feel free to stop by anytime as I look forward to seeing you again. Cheers!

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    I love this site especially because I love playing pull so much the layout the ideas they way you make everything a person needs to play pull so available the colors on your images are so appealing I am actually enjoying going through this site.

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      Thanks Craig. I try to put the best products relating to my niche about billiards and gaming. May you be successful in your business endeavors as well.


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    Very informative website Armand,

    I’m confident any avid billard player will be able to find anything they need on your website.

    I found it really easy to navigate too,
    looking forward to more posts from you.


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      Thanks Dani. I will provide as much accessories/supplies relating to gaming, esp. billiards. There will be more posts relating to my niche in the days to come: Stay tuned.

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    Hello Armand,

    Great website, I’m very much impressed by what you’ve done so far. The content is well-written and researched, the layout visually appealing. A good range of posts and links for this little niche. Awesome website theme too.

    I find that the shorter paragraphs are easier to read, hope you find this helpful!

    Keep up the good work

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      Hi Thomas. Thanks for the feedback, and yes, I research my niche as much as possible to find the best possible products relating to billiards. In the future, I’ll add the best products relating to other forms of gaming such as Snooker and Air Hockey. I do my best to make this website user-friendly by making all my posts and pages easy to read. Cheers!

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