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Hi there! In today’s post, I have decided to sidestep from billiards and decide to promote a golf product that can help you with your swing and alignment. The Golf Hitting Mat Described Here are the details in regards to this product: Price: $29.99 + free shipping Where to buy: Manufacturer : Champkey Amazon

Hi there! I would like to share with you an product that can improve your game…subliminally. It’s in a form of a compact disc that you can use on your radio or cd player while you’re shooting pool. About the CD Introducing the Quantum Subliminal CD Pool and Billiards CD by Brainwave Mind Voyages (Author).

Hi all! Whether your a professor in the field of mathematics, a numbers type of person, or just someone that wants to better your game at shooting pool then I may have something that may entice you. This will be a short post where I found while surfing the web on how to become a

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about a pool cue where you’ll find very durable and reliable. Do you find hands slipping when you’re trying to aim for the cue ball? Well I may have just the solution for you. About the Irish Linen Wrap Cue Introducing the 2-Piece Billiard Pool Cue Stick by AB

Hello there! This post will be for anyone that is looking for a way to improve their game, as quickly as possible. This post is not dedicated to just novices, but to professional players alike. Have you ever find yourself in a slump when shooting pool? Well, I may have something that you’re looking for.


Hi there! For this post, I’ll keep short and sweet and show you 30 ways to improve your game when shooting pool. Yes, billiards is a fun sport/activity to play. Yet, it does take practice to become professional, and there will be times when you’ll be at a funk where balls won’t fall in the


Hello everyone! In an earlier post, I showed a video demonstration on The Art of Racking where it shows the best way to rack in 8-ball within a triangle rack to start the game of pool.


Hi there! This post will be review on an earlier post that I made a while back called the Billiard Pool Glove. While the product is still the same, the only differences are that you can get 3 gloves for the price of one, and the company name, Agate.