Hello, and welcome to another post. Today, I’ll be going over a book (paperback) of famous pool hustlers of the second half of the 20th century. If you are into reading the profiles of anyone who have dominated the pool table scene, then this so-called “encyclopedia” would be a worthy read for you to check

Hi there! A while back (just over 3 years ago to be exact) I went over a product review of the pool hand chalk that’s used to prevent your hands from being clammy while shooting pool. Well, this post is in relation to that where you’re going to use a holder that attaches to a


Hi there! I welcome you to my site. Today, I’ll share with you a short post that’s going over the subject of ping pong. This subject is in the form of a YouTube video that shows other uses of the paddle and ping pong balls other than for actual playing. Some of the things that

Hello world! Today’s post will be another bridge stick that may be of valuable use to you. This kind of bridge stick is the “antler” version as described in the eBay site. Yes, this product is not from the usual site that promote products from Amazon. I was thinking I would take a break from

Hi all! Today’s post will not be anything that’s either billiards or gaming related. However, this post will have the billiards theme to it. That billiards theme is on a carrying case to hold the Nintendo Switch. And, if you own that console and a traveler, then this case is for you. Product Description Introducing

Hi all! Today’s post will be about a ping pong table that has a ball holder. Have you seen a ping table like this? I just saw this today and thought it would be convenient to have a ping pong table that can hold the balls after the game is done playing. In addition, this

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a product promotion about a non billiards product in the form of darts. I have decided to promote darts that are made of wood and also can be used in tournament matches. Product Description Introducing the Wooden Darts by American ProDart. Additional description are as follows: Price:

Hello there! I welcome you to this site where I will briefly explain the usage of sights that found on a pool table. Have you ever wondered what the diamonds on the sides of pool table are? Or, do you want to know why they’re there in the first place? Well, I have found an

Hi all! Today’s post will not be a topic on billiards. However, it does have a billiards “theme” to it. In that sense of the word, I’ll be going over an 8-ball opener that you can use to open a bottle cap. You can also attach this to your key chain as well. Before I

Hi all! I welcome you back to another post. Today, I’ll be going over a product promotion that deals with cleaning your pool table. It particularly deals with the felt on your pool table. Instead of typically using a brush rather, an alternative solution would be to use the spray that I’ll be going over