Hello everyone. Today’s post is a product promotion of another face mask. You can read about my post on that mask promotion by clicking here. Since the mandates for wearing masks are being brought up again due to the so-called “Delta Variant”, I thought I’d promote this kind of billiard face mask here. Product Description


Hi there! Today’s post will be short where I go over a how-to while on the subject of billiards. The how-to will be about how to hold a cue stick. Do you feel that you’re gripping the stick incorrectly? Or, are you not forming the bridge right? Well, I found a guide for you to

Hello, Welcome to another post. Today, I’ll be going over a training cue ball that is similar to another training cue ball that I made a while back. This time around, this kind of cue ball has more of a precise visual of what spot to hit on the cue ball itself. Thus, it increases

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about variety foosballs that you can play on your foosball table. This is in relation to an earlier post where where I went over the replacement foosballs. The main difference between this post and that one is that the balls look like actual mini soccer balls, and you get

Hello! I welcome you to another post. Today, I’ll be going over a product promotion where you can keep score when playing foosball. Before I do, I would like to mention, that I have another post that deals with scoring in foosball using a chalkboard that you can check out as well. Product Description Introducing

Hi folks! I welcome you to another post on this site. Today, I will be going over a coffee mug that has a billiards theme to it. If you’re the type of person that likes to shoot pool and drink hot coffee or any type of hot beverage, then then product is for you. Coffee

Hello! I welcome you to another post on this site. Today, I’ll be going over a billiards ball patch that’s similar to the 8-ball patch that I have reviewed on this site a while back. This time around, I’ll be going over the 9-ball patch that can be found on Amazon. Product Description I introduce

Hello all! This post will be short and sweet where I wish you all a happy Independence Day. As the country slowly recovers from the pandemic, may you all have a fun and safe day. Cheers!

Hi there! I welcome you to another post here on my site. Today, I’ll be going over a revised version of a pool table that is suitable for use to play outdoors. In that specific post, I just found out that the link to see the sales page on that page no longer works. So,

Hi there! I welcome you to my site and another post on the subject of shuffleboard. This time around, it’s about the table version where I go over the shuffleboard puck set containing a case that holds the pucks in place. Product Description Introducing the Shuffleboard Pucks with Case by Hathaway. This product is made