Hi all! This will be a short post where I share with you another “how-to” video. Have you thought about changing the pool felt on your pool table for whatever reason? Like, maybe you want to change from traditional green to blue? Or red? Perhaps there’s a scratch and you want to get rid of

Hello there! This post will be for anyone that is looking for a way to improve their game, as quickly as possible. This post is not dedicated to just novices, but to professional players alike. Have you ever find yourself in a slump when shooting pool? Well, I may have something that you’re looking for.

Hi there! If you shoot pool, chances are that there will be times when a ball that you’re aiming for is out of reach especially when the pool table is large. Instead of having to bend your waist forward to aim, you would use a standard bridge stick to make the shot a little bit


Hello! In today’s post, I’ll share with you a funny video that I saw on YouTube that shows the typical types of ping pong players. I have encountered some of these kinds of players in the past and would say that after watching this video I feel that it’s true and comical at the same


Hi everyone! First off, I would like to say that the title of this post refers to shots that involve playing the game of pool. Usually, kick shots on this site refer to foosball, as the word, kick, is the object of the game to score a goal. In this post, I’ll show a short