Hi all! I know that this year, 2020, has been a very rough one to say the least. Since the year is almost over and it’s the season of giving, I’d thought I’d share with you some glass Christmas ball ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree. It has a billiards theme to

Hi there! In trying to find the best products for billiards and gaming, I feel that I have found the best break tips that you can put on your billiards cue sticks. About the Break Tips I have a question to ask, are you looking for a break/jump tip that is superior to the competition

Hello everyone. If you are living in the United States like me, I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to you. I know it’s been a very tough year especially with the shelter in place going on. I would like to share this Turkey image. I hope you like it and look forward to seeing

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be another promotion of a pool table accessory. This promotion will be about a different variation of pool balls that has a soccer theme to it. About the Soccer Pool Ball Set This product is found on Amazon and here are the features: Price: $195.00 plus free shipping Where to

Hi there! Today’s post will be about a set of 4 table levelers that you can install on your pool table legs. Unlike in the original post on that set of pool table levelers, the product on this post is where you have to actually have to screw on to the actual table legs itself.

Hi there! This post will be short as I will show you an image that I saw on Pinterest. I am sure that it relates to most of you, and you can tell me in the comments box below how right I am (no pun intended). You all take care and will see you again

Hi folks! I hope that you are all doing fine. Today’s post will be a set of cues that are made to train with. It’s especially made for children that are starting out to shoot pool. Not only that, these cues are made to shoot those balls that are in a tight spot, and are

Hi there! Today’s post will be a promotion of a billiards product. However, it’s a product that’s more of a novelty. Also, this is in relation to the pool ball shift knob that I promoted some time back. About the Product Introducing the 8 Ball Billiard Pool Shift Knob by American Shifter. I found this

Hi there! Today’s post will be a promotion of a billiards product. This will be more of a focus on a billiards accessory. I have a question to ask you, is your cue ball in need of a replacement? If so, then look no further. The Cue Ball Description This product is called the Regulation