Hi all! Today’s post will not be anything that’s either billiards or gaming related. However, this post will have the billiards theme to it. That billiards theme is on a carrying case to hold the Nintendo Switch. And, if you own that console and a traveler, then this case is for you. Product Description Introducing

Hello everyone. Today’s post is a product promotion of another face mask. You can read about my post on that mask promotion by clicking here. Since the mandates for wearing masks are being brought up again due to the so-called “Delta Variant”, I thought I’d promote this kind of billiard face mask here. Product Description

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be going over a pool table product that you can benefit from. The product is manufactured by Demeras that’s used to protect the pool table holes should the balls come in contact with. Product Description This product can be found on Amazon. In addition, here are what this product entails: Price:

Hi there! We are still at the Covid phase and thought I’d share with you another product promotion of the 8 ball mask. Since this site is about billiards, gaming, and variety I thought I’d share with you another 8 ball mask. About the 8 Ball Mask I would like to add that this mask

Hello world. Since we’re at tough times these days where masks seem to be the normal, I thought I’d share with you a mask that fits in with billiards and the protection of what is going on today. It is an 8 ball mask that you can use to cover your mouth and nose. About