Hi folks! This post will be a short one where I share with you an image of one of the most famous authors in American history: Mark Twain. He is shown in the image shooting pool with one of the three daughters of his biographer, Albert Paine that you can see below: You can even

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Hi folks, in a much earlier post, I made a blog where it talks about a brief history of pool. Well, in today’s post, I’ll share with you that very same post, except that I’ll show you the entire site that I found where I summarized that site in a brief blog. And, since this


Hi everyone! This post will be short where I would like to share with you something that I find humorous and amusing at the same time. If you are into video games, especially vintage types like the old-school Nintendo (NES), have you played the game called Mega Man? There’s an artwork done by a guy


Hi folks! I just stumbled on a site trying to find the best views of what a typical game room should look like and found one. Well, this is from an “old school” point of view and thought I’d share it. You can find this by clicking here.