Best Way to Break in Pool

Hello there! In this post, I am going to go over another “how-to” for shooting pool in either 8-ball or 9-ball. First let pool-breakme ask you guys a couple of questions. Whenever you break, does some of the balls still remain in the rack format? Do you want a better way to break where all the balls move about and spread all over the table? Well, I have gone through this so many times as I first started out playing this kind of activity.

I might just have the solution for you. I have included a video below on how the rack is positioned and how to hit the cue ball with your cue stick so some, if not a lot, of the balls (not including the cue ball, hopefully) would fall in either of the 6 pockets on the pool table. Now, just remember that this is not a “quick-fix” to solve the problem. It might take several tries to get this technique down pat. So, I recommend to practice, practice, practice!

Well, I hope you find this post to be informative and enjoyable. Please share this post if you liked it, and add any comments, questions, or thoughts that you may have in the comments section below as I look forward to what you all have to say in regarding the best way to break in pool. I also thank you for stopping by.


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    I have never been able to get a good break when playing pool, and I think that If were able to practice this technique more, I would do much better when attempting to break.
    And all the while, I thought that it was just me. I have friends who appear naturally gifted at playing pool, as it is viewed as a “cool guy” game. So being that my game was weak, I got laughed at.
    I’ll give this technique a good practice and try. Anything else that you can recommend, like some special hand grip chalk lol?

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      Hi Christian! Thanks for commenting on this post. You can definitely become a better pool player by practicing this technique. Who knows? If you master this, people might take you more seriously and not being laughed at anymore. This technique can also give you that that added edge to be considered a “pool hustler” as well. Thus making you a cool guy.

      I do hope that you’ll give this a try. If so, I would like to hear about your experiences when give this a shot. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have fun in playing pool.


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    I enjoyed this article, it was very informative, I never could truly figure out which way to break “perfectly”. I have a question though, because I have played with plenty of people, who have made up plenty of rules about how to play. So, is it a rule that if you hit the 8 ball in on the break, you win the game?

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      Thanks for the comment Razhede! After reading this article and watching the video, I feel that you have gotten some good information on the different ways to break while playing a nice game of pool.

      To answer your question, there are different rules when it comes to potting the 8-ball after the break. Some rules state that if the 8-ball is potted after the break, then it’s an automatic winner. On the flip side, there are some rules that state the game must continue until all the dedicated balls are potted. Whenever I play, if I pot the 8-ball after the break, the game is already won by me. So, I feel that this is the best way to go about whenever you pot that 8-ball after the break. I hope this helps. I hope this answers your question.

      Feel free to chime in anytime. I look forward to hearing from you again.

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