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Hello folks! I hope you all are doing fine, which I’m sure you are. For this post, I’ll promote a billiard neon sign that Billiards Rocks Neon Signyou can display on your game room wall. It’s called, The Sign Store N105-14157 Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign. I saw this on a site called, The Paperclip Mall. It retails for $284.45. With this sign, you can show your appreciation of the game by showing it off to your friends and family.

Product Features

Here is the lowdown of what this wall neon sign entails:

  • Price: $285.45
  • Item# ETNN38368
  • Specifications: 13 x 3 x 32 in
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Where to buy:
  • Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign
  • Colors on the sign are Turquoise
  • This is a 100% hand crafted, real glass tube neon sign
  • Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign is made by an experienced neon glass bender
  • Ready to use indoor signs
  • Sign is mounted on very rugged black clear backing
  • 110 volt U. L. 2161 listed transformers that plug into a standard outlet
  • Cool Quiet Energy Efficient – Uses Less Power than Standard 60 watt bulb
  • Easy Install, hanging hardware & chain are included 6 feet Power cord with standard transformer
  • Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign is for indoor use only
  • Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign is bent 4 sides with ABS material
  • We provide 1 year warranty on electrical components and on standard transformers
  • Made in USA

Product details

This neon sign is handcrafted with real glass tube. The Billiards Rocks 2 Neon Sign is high impact, eye catching, real glass tube neon sign. This characteristic glow can attract customers like nothing else, virtually burning your identity into the minds of potential and future customers. Neon signs can be left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for decades. There is no light form in existence that has the visual impact of neon.

About the Paperclip Mall

The Paperclip Mall, which is under the Unbeatable Sale label is a company that has their headquarters based in New Jersey. They are a dedicated customer service team that has the desire and the means to make things right, whose first priority is your satisfaction. They want you to feel good about your purchase, and they want you as a return customer. Their unparalleled customer service ensures your satisfaction. They are certain that you will find it’s not just their sales that are unbeatable.


In closing, I hoped that you enjoyed this post about the billiard neon sign. I would like to say that I have not used this product, but since the Paperclip’s caters to their customers’ satisfactions, I feel that this product would be a worthy promotion. Also, if you are a die-hard billiards fan, I would definitely recommend this product. I have also done a review on a custom neon sign that you can check out as well.

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->Click here for the billiard neon sign<-


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    Hey Armand,
    Thanks for the review. I love these neon signs and am always looking out for new ones to acquire.
    I agree neon is a great long lasting light source but am curious if this light is easy to switch on/off. While I am more than happy to have it burning all night the neighbours may not agree so I need to be able to easily access the on/off.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Chris! Thanks for commenting on this post. I was kinda hoping that you’ll be interested in owning this product. But, it’s ok. An easier access to on/off on this product would definitely be ideal. I’ll definitely look for other options. I appreciate your comment, and I’ll find another neon light to promote that’s to your or anyone that’s looking for sign that has an on/off switch. Stay tuned…

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    Speaking from experience, these things do really seem to “burn into your mind” as you said. I quite agree that they can be a great promotional item as well as something that you specifically look for when you’re trying to find a place you know. “It has that neon sign with the blah blah right in front” might be a way to describe the place to a friend

    1. // Reply

      Hello Bret! Thanks for commenting on this post. To add to your description of this neon billiard sign, maybe the “blah blah” that you’re referring to might be, “It has that neon sign with the extra graffiti to go along with it”. What do you think?


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