Billiards Circular Draw Shots

Hi folks! In this post I’ll go over a billiards move technique that can help you become that Billiards Circular Draw Shotsmuch of a better player. Have you been in a situation where you’re playing pool and find that you’re somewhat in a “stuck” position as shown to the right?

In the image that you see, suppose that you’re trying to pocket the (yellow) one ball to the corner pocket and another ball that’s at the opposite corner end of the table with one shot. Also, you’ll want to avoid pocketing the cue ball as you’ll relinquish your turn at the table.

I have provided a video below on how this is done. Feel free to add any thoughts that you may have. And, please share this on social media if you liked this post. I hope that this technique has made your game of pool that much more enjoyable and that you become a better player as well. Ciao for now. Cheers!

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