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Are you looking to get an edge in playing the game of pool? Well, what I have here are 10 Billiards Tips Your 10-billiards-tipsOpponents Don’t Know. I was looking for ways for you to get an advantage on your opponent when you’re playing pool and I found this. I would say that it’s a great read, and I am still trying to master some of these moves myself. Well, the tips that are in the article are some techniques such as applying the chalk correctly on the cue stick, and how angle your arm professionally as you aim to strike the cue ball.

This article is by a Professional Billiards Expert by the name of Matthew Sherman. Matt “Quick Draw” Sherman, is an author of several nonfiction books, and has appeared dozens of times in print and on television promoting pool and entertainment and teaches all levels of billiards students from beginner to pro.

Well, this is all I have to say about the 10 Billiards Tips Your Opponents Don’t Know. I know you’ll find this post to be rather short, but the article is thorough and goes into detail in what you have to do. Please share if you like this post, and add any comments, thoughts, or questions that you may have in the comments section below. I look forward to what you all have to say on this post. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Hi there. Thank you for providing a very in-depth article here. There are lots of interesting points you have pointed out. You pointed out some great tehniques on how to play biliard. I was never very good at biliard because I didn’t play a lot. It is time to change. I will definitely play it more because i learned tehniques from you.

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      Hi Karlo! I just thought I’d say thanks for the reply. I always try to put as much detail as I can in my posts. I do hope that these techniques would benefit you and anyone who comes and looks into this site. If you do get into playing pool, I would like to hear your experiences when you practice using these techniques. I look forward to hearing from you again.


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    Great Post

    I have always struggled to play good billiards and the tips who have linked us to were very helpful and very informative. I think the best tip was to get a mentor. Learning off somebody who knows what they are doing is always the shortest way to success.


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      Thanks for commenting, Chris! Yes, I tend to agree that a mentor is the best tip among all the techniques. With a mentor, you can have dialogue where he shows you what you are doing right/wrong, and he/she can show this in a live setting where he “knows what they are doing” as you stated to become a successful billiards player.


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