Hi all! This will be a short post where I show you a man vs. a 5-year-old child in playing ping-pong. I find this to be very amazing and awe inspiring as well. Have a look at the vid below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below. I look forward

Hi all! In today’s post, I’ll be going over a certain accessory for a foosball table part that is quite necessary to have. This is especially true it you constantly turn the handle to control the foosball men. Product Description Introducing the Universal Safety End Caps for Safety Standard Foosball Tables by Brybelly. This product

Hi all! Today’s post will be about an LED lighting that you can add to your game room. This one has a Sony Playstation theme that represents and corresponds to the the function buttons on the PSX (Playstation) controller: triangle, O, X, and square that you can see below. The Product Description Introducing the Playstation

Hi there! Some years ago, I promoted a game room sign that has a billiards theme to it (it showed a rack with billiard balls in them). This time I have decided to promote another game room sign that I you may be interested in that looks vaguely like an over-sized vehicle placard that you

Hi all! I know it’s late in me saying this, but I’ll say it anyway, Happy New Year! May 2022 be a great year for you all. Now, on today’s post. I would like to introduce you to a professional service that you can contact without having to assemble the foosball table yourself. I found

Hi all! Hopefully your Christmas festivities went well. Today’s post is about a funny billiards t shirt that I found on Amazon. Though, this shirt are geared towards males, it can be worn by males and females, To the men out there, I ask you this question: are you in a relationship and having difficulties

Hi all! Today’s post will be a short one where I share with you a YouTube video that displays the accessories that are recommended (and some not recommended) to purchase and is worth the money to spend on. Off the top of my head, the most recommended are the 16 balls (17 including the cue

Hi all! In continuing the billiards theme for your Christmas tree for this year’s holiday season, I thought I’d promote another ornament. This can go together with my previous post. Product Description Introducing the Billiards Ornament for Personalization by Kurt Adler Store. The features and description are as follows: Price: $10.60 & free returns Where

Hi there! With the Christmas holiday season around the corner, I just thought I’d promote this product that’s found on Amazon to decorate your Christmas tree. Along with the round and traditional Christmas ornaments, you can decorate your trees with these as well. Product description Introducing the Christmas Tree Billiard Balls by Old World Christmas