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Hi everyone! I just thought that I’d state that pool tables, no matter what sizes, shapes, and colors are available, are Coin-Operated Pool Tablenot cheap to say the least. The price range of tables like these range in the ($)thousands. As far as “cheap” is concerned, I found the cheapest coin operated pool table that you can use and is of great quality. Usually these kinds of pool tables are generally catered towards pool bars where owners of these establishments try to make some extra money. But, whatever preference that suits you, you can use this kind of pool table for whatever recreation fits your needs.

Introducing the Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table by Mizerak. I found this kind of pool table on Amazon, and it sells for $611.49, and it sure is quite a bargain where I have seen other coin operated pool tables that range at over $1K.

About this product

Here is what this product entails and where to buy it at:

  • Price: $611.49 + free shipping
  • Where to buy:
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B00PRENYHK
  • 6.5’ Space Saver Design Fits in Smaller Rooms
  • Leg Levelers for Perfectly Even Playing Surface
  • Automatic Ball Return- Quickly Reset Games
  • Double-Sealed MDF Play-Bed for Consistent Roll
  • Green Nylon Cloth for Classic Game Parlor Look
  • Includes 2 Cues, Set of Billiard Balls, Triangle, and Chalk (2)


This product has received a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. This is the best rating that I found on this kind of pool table that is considered “cheap”. I feel that this pool table is worthy of being promoted on this site. Also, I would like to state that there were 71 customers who gave this product the rating that it currently has.

To quote one of the customers favorable review, he/she said, “Very easy setup for two people. Balls roll well and the rails give solid bounce.

Another favorable reviewer said, “You will love this.

Since the rating has 3.7 stars, it’s also worth mentioning that there were critical reviews as well. One of these customers said, “…the ball return system is just as bad as all the other reviews have said.”

Since this is the most affordable of coin operated pool tables, it would be advised to “decide with caution” before purchasing this product. In a future post, I’ll go over another coin operated pool table that is of better quality. Bare in mind that the price range is very likely going to be in the low-mid ($)thousands.

If you are unsatisfied with this product, Amazon has 30-day policy where you can return the product and get a refund. Always remember to keep the receipt.


I hope that this review has given you an insight to the information about this pool table. If you liked what you have seen and read so for, please share this on social media. Also, feel free to add any comments, thoughts, and questions in the comments section below. I thank you for stopping by and look forward to hearing what you have to say. Cheers!

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    Refreshing to see a website with something that guys really like. I am definitely a pool fanatic myself, and my kids like it too. I get tired of reading the scam reviews on websites as it gives them such a low energy vibration. And in many cases the scam reviewer has never even bought the product before.

    So far all your stuff here looks great keep up the great work

    Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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      Hello Sotiris! Thanks so much for commenting on this post. I am glad to know that you and your kids are fans of billiards. I always try to put the best products in regards to gaming and products on this site by providing the best reviews possible. One thing is for sure: I’ll never sugar-coat any of the reviews that you see on Feel free to stop by anytime, and I’ll do my best to help you out if you have questions on any of my other posts on this site. Take care!


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