Chicken Playing Billiards

Hi there! The year of 2017 is about to come to a close. And, it has been a so-so year for me. I Chicken Billiardshope this year has been good for you, and let’s welcome 2018 with high hopes.

Anyhow, for this post, I just thought of posting a video that you can see below of how a chicken plays pool when he gets frightened or scared. I know this looks staged, but I found this on YouTube, and I got a kick out of it. Now, normally we wouldn’t think of an animal shooting pool, let alone a chicken, right?

I thought I’d share this, and maybe thought that you found this hilarious as well. Feel free to share your thoughts about this video, and I’ll look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks, once again, for stopping by.

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