How to Make Billiards Bank Shots

Hi there! I am back from a short break, and giving you another post to this site. In an earlier post, I showed how Bank Shots for Poolvideo on how to make bank shots in playing pool. Well, I have another post about that. In that earlier post, it showed how to get a feel of how the move is performed and to get into some sort of rhythm.

In this post, I’ll show another video as it will show to take the bank shot into the next level. But first, I would recommend, if you’re a complete newbie or novice to go over that earlier post first. The video will especially show to shoot the object ball into a corner pocket.

I hope that the video below has taught you and to become a better pool player. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing you soon, and thanks for stopping by.

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