Masse Shot Billiards

Hello, world! For this post, I’ll just introduce you to a way to show you a way to perform a form of masse (curve) shot masse-shots-billiardsin shooting pool. It’s in a YouTube video that you can see for yourself below, and it also shows a “kick” technique. Hopefully, you can benefit from watching what you see, and you can possibly win more games this way.

Anyhow, take a look at this vid, and if you like what you see, please share on social media, and add any thoughts, comments, or questions in the comments section below. I’ll look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by and checking this out.


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    I’ve shot plenty of pool before but never even tempted to try masse before. But after reading this and watching that great video, I feel I have a pretty good handle on masse. Thanks for sharing this. Now I just need to practice, because it’s fine to watch something but you only get better by actually doing it.

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      Hi Dan! Trying to perfect the masse shot or any kind of trick shot in billiards takes time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to master this type of shot in a short amount of time. I’m still trying to master this shot myself, but the cue keeps slipping through my fingers, and I feel that it’s going to take me quite a while to get it down pat. You’re right, it’s one thing to see it, but to put it into action is is a whole different story. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Oh my goodness. They make this look so easy. Why?? I find this so difficult to do in practice. I never knew there were names for these shots. How many shots are there in a billards game? Can you exercise these shots confidently? When I look at the game, I thought it was all about angles but now that I look further into it, its more than that. Great demonstration. Maybe next time I can school someone on the table watching and learning these skills. Maybe I should hit the local billards place.
    Regards Grace

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      Hello Grace! Thanks for commenting on this post. These masse shots that’s used in billiards are just one of the many examples of trick shots that you see billiards players do. I feel that it’s for good practice to use in techniques to get an edge in how to win albeit playing 8-ball or 9-ball.

      To answer your questions, yes, there are different names of trick shots that’s used in billiards/pool. I might just go over other different types of shots whether they’re normal or trick shots. I have yet to perfect a trick shot, but I’m still working on trying to make a ball “skip” or jump. However, it takes so much practice to perfect. Sigh, I can’t seem to make it happen, so I guess I’ll just have to move on. Oh well!

      I do hope that you are able to master this move. Maybe you can try and school someone by perfecting this. If so, please share your experience as I look forward to hearing some people looking at you with awe! Hope to hear from you soon!

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