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Raja Subramanian
Raja Subramanian – The World’s 31st Billiards Champion

Hi everyone! I just thought I’d share a post that you can find awe-inspiring and inspirational as well. I found this post while doing a search on motivational billiards. It’s a story of Raja Subramanian who’s a native from India that has a dual handicap: a polio inflicted right leg and blindness in the right eye.

He is the world’s 31st ranked billiards champion, and has a determination to have what it takes to become a champion despite the disabilities. I hope that you liked the post, and feel free to share you what you thought about it in the comments box below. Also, please share this post if you like it. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in the next post. Cheers!


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    That’s interesting, the polio problem, I could see as being surmountable…but the blindness in one eye is a little tougher. I figure depth perception would be affected which means distance…so how hard to hit the cue ball to the target would be a factor. I would like to see a vid of him playing to see how he accomplishes this.

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      Hello Dave! It goes to show that it shouldn’t take any kind of disability whether it’s small or big. In this case a polio to become the best that you can be. As long as they they have that will to go the extra mile and to perform at the highest level, anyone can be champion. And, that’s where a guy like Raja Subramanian comes in.

      I feel that he can be a great example to anyone who wants to be champion as well. As to find a video of him showing what kind of a person/player he can be, I’ll be on the hunt for that and will post that in a future blog. Stay tuned…


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