Ping Pong Ball Tricks

Hi there! For this post, it will be a short and sweet one. I found something on YouTube that’s trending at the moment Ping Pong Shotwhich has something to do with ping pong and what you can do with it other than to play on the ping pong table. It is a video conducted by Ty, aka, Dude Perfect.

The video shows several tricks regarding a ping pong to play an instrument as a drum set, using it as a hit a hole in one like golf, and to fall in a cup on a thrown frisbee. These are just to name a few of the shots that are in the video.

You can check that out below, and hope that enjoyed watching it. Please share this on social media, and add any comments, thoughts, or questions that yo may have in the comments section below. I thank you all for stopping by, and hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

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