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Hi there! It has come to my attention that there are two different types of grips in ping pong (table tennis) that is being used in playing the game. I have always used the so-called “hand shake” grip as seen in the images below.

Ping Pong Handshake GripImage result for handshake grip ping pong

However, there is a grip that I have seen others use as well which is called the “pen-hold” grip. I have not seen too many people use this before. If memory serves me right, I have had a physical education class in high school where one person was using this grip almost all the time whereas all the students, including myself was using the hand shake grip.

I have included a YouTube video on how both of these grips are held and how to find the one grip that suits you best. So, if you are into playing playing ping pong, which I hope you are, which of these grips do you use? Or, if you have a grip that’s not listed on this post, what kind of grip would it be? I would like to know what kind of grips in holding the while playing on a ping pong table. Please let me know in the comments section below, and please share this on social media. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!


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    That strategy has helped me win a few close ones that I probably would have lost otherwise.

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      I see. All I have to say is, you have a great strategy. May you win more games. Cheers!

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    I mostly use the pen hold grip in table tennis, with fingers spread across the back face. It not only gives me better control but, I can slam the ball harder and faster than I can with the shake hand grip.

    Depending on my opponent, I may sometimes swap out and use the shake hand grip intermittently, along with the pen hold grip. This can confuse the opponent because, as soon as they are accustom to one grip, I change and they are surprised that they now have to become used to the other style of grip.


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      Wow, that’s a good technique, Jim! I see that as a strategy to throw off your opponent to gain an advantage. I like it! To be honest, I am accustomed to using the shake hand technique as I have no problems with that kind of grip. However, to each their own. I was wondering, have you won a lot of games with the grips that you’re using? I am curious to know.


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