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It’s poker night, ready for a game? If so, I have a poker table that I found on Amazon that you can play on while using a poker game set which is necessary and essential to play a variation of poker. It’s called the Hillsdale Nassau Poker Table by Hillsdale Furniture. Not only can you use this as a poker table, but you can also use this table for dining as well.

As you see in the picture to the right, it shows that there are 4 chairs that people can sit to play or dine. However, this set comes with 8 chairs instead of 4.

I found this poker/dining table on Amazon which received a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. I feel that this score is high enough to be promoted and discussed to do a review on this site.

About this poker/dining table

Here is what you can expect and what is known from this combination table set:

  • Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 6 inches ; 144 pounds
  • Crafted from sturdy China oak wood
  • Handsome, rich oak finish
  • Reversible table top
  • Black felt gaming surface and solid dining top on the other
  • Shipping weight: 144 lbs
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B017F6TM8C

Product description

This poker/dining table is a sophisticated, sturdy, and lasting. The Hillsdale Nassau Poker Table will not only turn heads, but it’ll provide a place for dining and playing card games with family and friends. This set is crafted from genuine China oak and given a handsome oak finish sure to complement most existing decors. The reversible table top and carved pedestal table base brings the entire look together while the black felt gaming surface features built-in chip trays and cup holders. The octagon table shape seats up to 8 people for possible endless nights of card games and socializing. Dimensions: 52 diam. x 30H in. Crafted from sturdy China oak wood that’s made from a handsome and rich oak finish. This table has a reversible table top that has a black felt gaming surface and solid dining top on the other. When dining, it has a solid dining top to hold. The table stands on a carved pedestal table base, and has built-in trays and drink holders. The warranty is 1 year.


There are 3 customers who rated this at 4.8 stars out of 5. To quote a review, one satisfied customer stated, “Everything arrived in great shape. Other then being heavy it was very easy to put together.”

As stated earlier, the 4.8 stars was enough for me to add this product to my site. I was looking for ideas and ways to enhance a game room and felt that this has to be one of them. Now, I haven’t owned one of these before, but I did play on a table similar to this one. The only difference is that this is slightly better as you can dine on it. The one that I played poker on was made to only play poker.

About Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture is located in Louisville, Ky. Since 1994, Hillsdale has combined the talents of nationally recognized designers and globally accredited factories to bring you furniture styling and design from around the globe. Hillsdale combines the best in finishes, materials, and designs to bring both beauty and value with every piece. The combination of top-quality metal, wood, stone, and leather has given Hillsdale the reputation for leading-edge styling and concepts.


I hoped I piqued your interest in investing in this product. If so, please share on social media. And, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them in the comments section below. As always, I’ll do my best to respond back with answers to the best of my ability. May there be many royal flushes coming your way when playing poker. Thanks for stopping by!

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    This would be an awesome piece of furniture. I’d like to how there can possibly be a more affordable option. This one seems expensive. Haha maybe i’ll save up for a Big Birthday gift to myself. What is your favorite poker style to play. Texas Holdem is the one for me, awesome post.

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      Hi Wil, and thanks for the comment. Yes, this piece of furniture might be a little too pricey to pay. I wanted to find the best possible table to get the most fun out of on Amazon, and I found this. If you want a cheaper table, you can go ahead and check this one out. It’s more affordable, and well-worth the price. The main difference is that it’s only a top (no table legs for standing support), and you can’t dine on it as it’s not reversible for that. I hope I helped.

      As to answer your question about my favorite style of poker to play. I found that Texas hold ’em is the most exciting of the poker variants to play. We should have a game sometime.

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