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Hi folks! I hope everyone is doing fine. In relation to an earlier post that I made on Wood Pool Sticks, I have decided to ask you another question. Have you ever wondered what the layout of a pool table was like? Well, for this post I’ll be sharing picture that I found that’s also on Pinterest that shows the where the head of the table, what each
“diamond” on the table is called, and where “the kitchen” is located on. These are just a few of what is shown. You can see below what the rest of the table looks like along with their names attached. One thing that I found incorrect is where the cue ball is located. It’s supposed to be on the Head Spot which is on the Head String Shot.

Pool Table Anatomy

I hope that you liked this post and hope that you gained some insight to knowing the anatomy of a pool table. If you liked this post, please share on social media and add any comments, thoughts, or questions in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thank you all for stopping by.


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    Hello Armand, Hope your still around and playing..,
    I too was fascinated to learn about the “Kitchen”. Excellent Post By The Way. Many Thanks.

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      Hello Ronald! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this post. Yes, I am still playing, though not as much as I want to. It’s a lot harder to find opponents that are willing to play due to covid. I am glad that you like this post. Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers!

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    How interesting! I never knew that there were names for each part of a pool table. Do you know why it’s called the kitchen? And thank you, also, for correcting the placement of the cue ball! Now I know for next time I play pool! This is a great diagram. Thanks! 🙂

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      Hi Jasmine! Thanks for commenting on this post. Yes, pool table has names that are quite distinct and even unique. I didn’t know that there was a “kitchen” until I’ve done some research on what a pool table was about. To answer your question, I don’t know why it’s called a kitchen. However, I did a Google search, and found what I feel is the best answer,

      “According to Mike Shamos’ Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards, the question has been the subject of some speculation but the best explanation known is that in the 1800s, many American homes didn’t have room for both a billiard table and a dining room table. The solution was a billiards table that had cover converting it into a dining table. Kept in the dining room, which was often barely large enough, it would be placed so that the head rail would face the connected kitchen door, thus afforded a player room for the back swing without hitting a wall. The player was therefore either half or sometimes fully “in the kitchen” when breaking the balls.”

      I hope this answers your question as it has given my some knowledge as to why it is called that, a kitchen. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you around. Cheers!

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    Hi Armand,
    Thanks for this post. I had no clue what they do on or with a pool table and I’ve always been curious about the pool table, I never knew it has this much detail to it. Oh, the pool table has a kitchen! I love being in the kitchen and I’m waiting for your next post which would tell me what is done in the pool table’s kitchen. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks for the comment, Juliet! I hope that this post clearly demonstrates what the pool table layout is about. Yes, just by looking at it, I don’t think that people won’t think much about it. However, there is more than meets the eye. I didn’t know that a “kitchen” exists in a pool table as well since I enjoy playing this game, I might as well do some digging and so I decided to post this. I appreciate you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Feel free to come back, and I’ll do my best to help you out any way I can. Cheers!

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