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Ever wondered what those two black spots on the pool/billiards table was called? Well, it’s simply called a pool table spot. I never really paid much attention to that part of the table until right now. I have an item that I found on Amazon that you can use to replace a possibly worn-out spot that you might have on your pool table (assuming that you have one). It’s called Tefco Spots by Tweeten Fibre Co.

To hopefully give a better description about the usage of this item, one spot (called the Foot Spot) is used to place the top part of the rack before the game begins (rack points toward the opposite end of the table). The image below shows where this is located.

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The second spot (called the head spot) is placed below the bottom arrow displaying “break box” above. This is to indicate that the cue ball cannot go past this point (in the direction towards the first spot) or the head string before the break of the rack.

Image result for pool table top view

I know it’s not visible in the picture above, but the two spots are placed directly below the red ball and under the white ball that’s closest to the red ball.

About the pool table spots

As mentioned earlier, this item is called Tefco Spots. Here are the specifications about this product:

  • Price: $4.49
  • Self Adhesive
  • Each tin includes 12 table spots
  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches ; 0.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B000WPZYSG

Tefco Master Spots are double gummed, easy to apply and can be used on any type of pool, billiard or snooker table.


From the Amazon website, the rating this product received was 4.8 out of 5 stars from 149 mostly satisfied customers who purchased this item. I would like to mention that I have not used this item, but since the rating is as close to 5 stars, I would feel that this product is worthy of being promoted on this site.

One of the satisfied reviewers stated, “This is a great set of spots for your pool table.”

Another satisfied reviewer said, “Does what it’s supposed to and holds up well.”

On the flip side of the coin, no product is perfect. With that said, there are critical reviews to be said as well. One reviewer found the picture misleading by saying, “ I find it a little deceptive though that only one case (not six) was delivered.

Another unsatisfied customer stated the product as, “Double gummed.” However, this product has a description that’s stated as so. In other words, he didn’t read what about the specifics before ordering the item.

If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, you have 30 days to return and get a refund.

About Tweeten Fibre Co.

The Tweeten Fibre Co. is based in Chicago, Il. and for over 85 years, they have been the name to trust in billiards chalk, cue tips, and accessories. They are the ONLY U.S. manufacturer of professional quality billiards chalk and cue tips and are proud of their quality and their dedication to the sport.

Tweeten products are sold through dealers throughout the world and discerning players INSIST on Tweeten quality.

Tweeten Fibre Co. has supplied the billiards industry with the finest chalk, cue tips, and other products that make the game of playing pool as enjoyable as much as possible.


I hope that you enjoyed this review of the Tefco Spots for pool table. If you did, please share on social media and add any comments, questions, or thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll do my best to answer you back as soon as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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    I have played pool before and never knew there were these pool table spots. I had just learned from watching others play where to put the rack and the ball. I have seen players use the chalk as well but I am not familiar with the specific purpose of the chalk. What is its purpose? Does it make it easier to hit the ball or something?

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      Hi Jana! I appreciate that you took the time to comment on this post. I never knew that people would use the chalk to mark the placement of the rack and cueball. To answer your questions, the purpose of the chalk is to decrease the amount of slippage from the tip of the cue stick when it strikes the cue ball which would lead to a cue ball to hit the desired ball with better accuracy. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me anything, and I’ll do my best to provide the best possible answers.


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    Never even thought you could buy this. Or for that matter what it was called. I am learning something that I never knew. The product looks nice and an nice cheap price. As long as it stays in place and according to the reviews it does.
    I don’t own a pool table but how often does this need to be replaced?
    Thanks for the review.

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      Hi Dan! Thanks for commenting on this review. Yes, this item is definitely “buyable”. I hope that’s even a word. Though, there are some tables that have these already ingrained where you can’t replace the spots. But, for others, you can replace those spots with these. To answer your question, it depends on the usage of the pool table. If it’s being used heavily (>5x/day) then there would be signs of needing to be replaced by a year. If <5x/day, then it should last between 2 and 3 years. I consider these spots highly durable. I hope this answers your question, and if you have any more, feel free to send a reply, and I'll do my best to answer as best as I can. Have a good day!

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