Hi there! A while back (just over 3 years ago to be exact) I went over a product review of the pool hand chalk that’s used to prevent your hands from being clammy while shooting pool. Well, this post is in relation to that where you’re going to use a holder that attaches to a

Hi there! I welcome you to another post where I go over a the subject of cue sticks and chalks. As players who shoot pool, it’s essential to use the chalk on a pool cue the right way to get the best possible shot at the ball that you’re trying to contact it with the


Hi there! If you like variety in shooting pool, then I might consider shooting with a black pool chalk. Now, this is different from the traditional blue chalk, but the usage is the same. Of course the only difference is color of the chalk itself and made from a different manufacturer. About the Black Pool


Hi! In this post for today, I’ll be going over a set of pool cue sticks that comes with a bag and 2 chalks. Consider this a pool cue stick set as the title of this post implies. It is a product from eBay, and there are more than 90 of these products being sold.