Hi all! I just thought I mention that I haven’t talked about air hockey in a while. And, since it’s the winter season, I feel that it’s right to go over an accessory that has something to do with air hockey. Today, I’ll be going over replacement pucks that may be of benefit for you.

Hi there! I welcome you to my site and another post on the subject of shuffleboard. This time around, it’s about the table version where I go over the shuffleboard puck set containing a case that holds the pucks in place. Product Description Introducing the Shuffleboard Pucks with Case by Hathaway. This product is made

Hello and welcome to another post on this site. Today’s I’ll be going over a product promotion that I haven’t gone over in a while: shuffleboard. This is about the floor version of the game using sticks and pucks that glide on the floor. It’s been a while since I have talked about shuffleboard, and


Hi everyone! In this post I’ll go over the standard accessories that are needed to play the game of air hockey (pucks, paddles, etc.) Before I get into that, I would also like to say that I have a review of another set of paddles and pucks that you can be interested in as well.


Hi there! In this post, I’ll be promoting a set of shuffleboard pucks that can be to your liking. This product is similar to my earlier post that is almost close in relation to this post. The only differences are that this set of shuffleboard pucks are made of a dark cherry finish, and it