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Hi all! In today’s post, I’ll be going over a certain accessory for a foosball table part that is quite necessary to have. This is especially true it you constantly turn the handle to control the foosball men. Product Description Introducing the Universal Safety End Caps for Safety Standard Foosball Tables by Brybelly. This product

Hi all! Do you enjoy playing foosball? If so, then there’s a chance that the grips on the table to control the soccer men may be showing wear and tear. If so, then I have a replacement that can be of good use to you. Product Description Introducing the Soccer Table Handles by Gamesun. This

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a product promotion about a non billiards product in the form of darts. I have decided to promote darts that are made of wood and also can be used in tournament matches. Product Description Introducing the Wooden Darts by American ProDart. Additional description are as follows: Price:

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about variety foosballs that you can play on your foosball table. This is in relation to an earlier post where where I went over the replacement foosballs. The main difference between this post and that one is that the balls look like actual mini soccer balls, and you get

Hi there! Today, I’ll be covering the topic on accessories on the subject of foosball. That kind of accessory will be about tornado foosballs. If you are like me and like variety when you play table games like foosball, then this post is for you. Product Description This foosball accessory is found on Amazon, and

Hello, and welcome to another post on my site. Today, I’ll be going over a review post on a product that I’ll promote in regards to a billiards product. This time, it’s about a blue pool table felt that can be used as a replacement or if you want to add variety in changing your

Hello world! I welcome you to another post on a product promotion that’s not billiards related. This time around, it’s on the subject of croquet. I will be going over the replacement of croquet balls that may interest you. If your croquet balls are getting worn out, then feel free to read on as this

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about the pocket nets that you can use if you have a pool table that requires them. I have a post where you can use leather pockets instead. But, if you would rather use the pocket nets made of cotton, and if you need a new or a replacement,

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a post in regards to foosball in a while and thought it’s time to do another one for today’s post. I hope you are all doing wells and let’s get on to the product promotion. About the Replacement Foosballs Introducing the Replacement Balls for Table Soccer Games by XD. This

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be a product promotion that will be revisited from an old post that’s no longer available. The description should not be anything new. So, if you want to read on that, you may do so by clicking here. Product Description Today’s post will be about the replaceable billiard pockets that’s