Hi there! Today’s post will be short and about a trick shot that anyone can do. Whether you’re a professional or novice, the video that I’m about to share is about a pool stick that you can be used to make impossible shots no so much impossible anymore. The video I’m going to share is

Hi there everyone! Today’s post will be short and completely off the topic of billiards and gaming. A visitor to my site has some interest to this site, and I would like to “pay it forward” by sharing his site. Now, don’t worry, it’s not spam, and I have looked at this site myself and

Hello there! Today’s post will be a product that can help in scoring. Do you find trouble keeping track how many bullseyes have been made or do you how many times the darts have have been missing the dartboard all together? Well, this product can help in keeping track of scores not only in darts,

Hello everyone! Before I get in to today’s topic, I have a couple of questions to ask, do you find yourself misplacing your darts? Perhaps you’re looking to store them in a wooden mount that can stick on a wall that has a bag that hangs from the mount? If you answered yes to both

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about a protector that prevents your wall from being punctured by darts should you miss the dartboard all together. I found this on Amazon and would find this product to be beneficial for you. Product Description Introducing the Dartboard Surround Wall Protector by Viper by GLD Products. This item,

Hello everyone! This post will be a short one where I share with you how to properly hold or grip a dart. Are you finding yourself missing the bullseye way too many times or missing the dartboard all together? Are you wanting to make hit the bullseye or close to it as much as possible?

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about a product promotion that relates to billiards. This is about the billiards gloves that comes in a set of 6 (12 gloves all together). In the past, I talked about a set that’s multicolored or comes in one set. This post will about a combination of those 2

Hi there! This post will be a short one where I share with you improvements on how to aim your cue. There is an old post that you can read about on this site. However, I feel that I would need to have an update to that. So, here it is, and I hope that

Hi all! Today’s post will be an accessory that you can use to sharpen your pool cues. Are you looking for a tool that can more than shape your cues as well? Then this accessory is for you. Product Description I introduce to you, the 5 Tools in 1 Pool Cue Tip Maintenance by Cue

Hi there! Today, I’ll be going over a full scaled (100″) pool table that you can enjoy with the whole family. It’s the Barrington Hawthorne Billiard Table that I found on Amazon. However, the price is on the steep side, and I’ll be explaining the table in depth more below: Product Description The details of