10 Billiards Tips You Can Do

Hi folks! I have a question to ask you, do you want to get an edge in trying to beat your opponent in playing pool? In this post, I am going to share with you what I found where you can get an advantage over you opponent and possibly even win pool tournaments.

Ten Billiards Tips

Introducing an article called, Pro Pool – Ten Billiards Tips Your Opponents Don’t Know. This post was found on Pinterest. Some of the tips that are shown are how much chalk to use on your cue tip. Another tip is how to choose a pool cue by weight.

These are some of the tips that are included in the post, and I hope that they help you in becoming an efficient and maybe even a step closer to being a professional pool player.

Free to share your thoughts in the comments box below, and I would respond back in kind. I thank you for stopping by and will see you again in the next post. Cheers!

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    Hey i really enjoyed this post, i do like playing pool even though im not that great at it. I have a friend that owns a pool hall, these are all great tips i normally make up my own shot lol. I hope i get to play again soon i would like to improve, i was also wondering why i had to click so many times to read the full article and kept opening new windows?

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      Hello there, Justin! I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Hopefully, you gained a lot of insight and it has given you ideas on how to utilize the tips the next time you play pool again. As to answer your question, perhaps you need to run an antivirus software as I didn’t have to click the article that many times and I multiple windows didn’t open. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me anytime, and I’ll assist you as best I can. Cheers!


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    Hi Armand. I love to play pool. However, secretly lol I am not that good at it. I like to play for the fun of it though. But having access to these tips is a great idea. Who knows I may even become good one day. Thank you for sharing your advice and tips with us.

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      Hi there, Melissa! I would like to thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about this post. I always try to find ways for people to make pool a fun and enjoyable experience. Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into how to be a pro or just to be somewhat “good at it”. Feel free to contact me anytime as I look forward to helping you out as best I can. I’ll continue to share posts to cater to pool players from novices to professionals. Cheers!

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    Hi there,
    I always wanted to know how to play billiard, these 10 billiards tips will help me to learn and play.
    I think one of the 10 tips I like the most it’s about getting a mentor to teach a new student. By doing it the student can learn from the beginning the right way to play billiard.
    The rest of the tips are also good to take in consideration, I will follow them.
    Thanks for sharing a good article to read.

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      Hi there, Alejandra! These tips are geared towards the novice and the not-so-experienced player. I am sure that the mentor will give anyone the “needed boost” to succeed in becoming a more proficient player in shooting pool. I hope that these tips have given you the knowledge to become that proficient player. Feel free to stop by anytime as I look forward in hearing from you again. Cheers!


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