A Billiards Artwork- The Night Café

As I was venturing into a pool hall some time ago, I wasThe Night Café looking for something outside of billiards that I can talk about and found this painting named, The Night Café that has been done by Vincent van Gogh.

In this painting, van Gogh tells the tale of a real-life bar owner, Joseph-Michel Ginoux and his wife, Maria owning a bar with a single pool table in the middle of the establishment.

This scene takes place in Arles, France in 1888. There would be people of all walks of life coming in the bar socializing while others have just passed out while having too much alcohol to drink.

As I was looking at this picture hanging on the wall at a pool hall, I was just curious as to what it was about. So, I decided to look it up and thought I’d share it here.

I believe that billiards has a rich history through paintings, literature, history books, etc. and I believe people will still play it for years and generations into the future. So, what do you think about the history of billiards or anything about this post? Please add them in the comments section as I would like to know about them. Thanks!

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