A Brief History of Pool (Billiards)

I have always wanted to know about the history of pool (billiards) for quite some History of Billiardstime. Yes, the game is fun and can be challenging at times. Yet, there’s a history to how the game of pool “came to be”.

Like, I was thinking to myself, “Where did the word ‘billiards’ come from?”

As it turns out, the origin of billiards started asĀ a game raised from the ground that derived from the game of croquet.The word “billiards” either or “bille” which is type of wooden stick or ball, respectively.

The game of billiards has been played from people of all walks of life ranging from Kings and Queens to Hustlers dating back to the 15th century from Northern Europe. And, the game is still being played today.

At one point, the balls were not used to be hit using a stick. Instead, the balls were “shoved” using hands to go inside the pockets. The game continues to inspire me to hone in to try to become an above average billiards player and to maybe be a professional player.

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