Pool Room Etiquette


I know that we are responsible people, but there are some times that we aren’t careful for whatever reason. Some common courtesy are quite simple to follow such as cleaning up after oneself by putting the cue sticks back on a cue rack after finishing a game.

Here are some common pool room etiquette that MUST be followed at all times:

  • Look over your shoulder before hitting the ball- This situation can lead to another player getting bumped and displacing a ball to be moved unintentionally for either you or your neighbor that’s trying to hit his ball at a nearby table. When possible, if the player is taking up your space, let that player hit his ball first so he can give you your space for your turn to hit your ball.
  • No leaning on the table- When it’s not your turn to hit the ball, do not lean or “hover” over the table. This is important because the balls must hit the side of the table for a “bank shot” or be sunk in the pocket. If a ball strikes someone, this could cause the game to be imbalanced and many players would not like that.
  • Do not smoke over the table- This rule applies to pool halls that do not require smoking in the establishments. Cigarette ashes tend to ruin the felt of the table and would cause the pool hall owner to have to replace the felt or the entire table which can cost a lot of money. So, if you are going to smoke, do it outside.

I feel that once this etiquette is followed your game of billiards would be more smooth and enjoyable to play. If you like to add any feedback or additions to the etiquette, please list them in the comments section as I would like to hear more about them. Thanks.

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