Carom Billiards- The Pocketless Pool

Now, here’s a version of billiards that I just saw today (well not in person). I was trying to find Carom Tableanother type of game relating to billiards, and I found this.

It’s called Carom Billiards also known as “The Pocketless Pool” as the table has no holes on the table to sink any of the balls into.

Carom billiards is not considered pool as pool only consists of tables that has pockets in them. Examples of pool would be Traditional (which is the most common with six holes on the table), Snooker, and bumper pool.

According to Quora, the object of the game carom billiards “are more towards moving the object balls around the table with the cue ball in a particular fashion. For example, 3-cushion billiards demands that to score a point one must hit the cue ball into an object ball and that object ball must travel to 3 cushions of the table before striking the second object ball.

Failing to strike three cushions or the second object ball results in the end of your inning.” Though I have never played this game, I have seen a YouTube video where the object is to score points instead of sinking the ball into pockets as in traditional pool.

I have added the video below where you can see how it’s played. So, if you have played this version of billiards or have any feedback please add them to the comments section. Thanks


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    I first saw and tried to play on one of these tables back in the early 80’s when I was traveling to Holland. I had no idea how to play, nor did the girl I was visiting, but I realized that it would definitely help building your skill level. If only I had known the rules of the game.

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      Hi Tim. Thanks for stopping by. I hope that I have provided a clear understanding of the rules of playing this rare form of billiards. Feel free to share your thoughts after implementing this. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a great day!

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    I just found this page because I did a search on pocket-less pool table. I am watching a 1934 Movie titled “The Richest Girl in the World” and it’s an interesting aspect of plot. Now that I’ve seen it and have learned more, I want to play!

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      Hi Drew! Thanks for stopping by and replying to this post. I have never seen The Richest Girl in the World. Was there a scene in that movie where there were people playing on a pocketless pool table? I look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers!

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    Just saw this style of table featured in Season 4 Episode 10 ‘The Shattered Idol’ of “TheRifleman”! -Pretty cool to discover that it’s the real deal. Great show too 😉

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      Hi Dan! I thank you for replying on this post. Yes, this kind of billiards table does exist. I just didn’t know that it would show on The Rifleman. Thanks for sharing that. I am going to check out that episode, and hopefully I can pick up a few pointers on how to become a good player at playing Carom. Cheers!


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    I have always wonder why some “pool” tables has no pockets at all. Since I have only play before pool, billiard and snookers, this is something new to learn. Though I have not seen this much often, at least now I know what it actually is. I would still prefer pool to carom billiards based on the fact that there is pockets in pool but not in carom billiards. Anyway great post and I like the background of your page.



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      Thanks, Steve. Yes, I didn’t know that there was a Carom type of billiards until I was trying to find different sorts of billiard games that are out there until I found out about Carom until the date of this post. I will try and delve into finding more about other versions of billiards that are out there.

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    Pool and billiards is a game that changes for cultur eto culture, every where you go different rules and styles like American 8 ball. Vietnam ..has something different (I’ll leave that for you to go there or google it!)

    I actually thought this pool table was something from some Asian nation and their version of pool. But like ther other commentator said, maybe a good way of training and upping skill level.

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      Hi Derek, and thanks for the feedback. I will definitely look into the Vietnamese style of billiards/pool relating to that country and many other countries of playing pool in how they differ from my country of the USA. I am curious as to how you play your version of pool/billiards. Hopefully, we can get a game sometime.

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    This is actually a pretty good way to develop some solid billiard skills as well! Even though there are no pockets, it does take good skill level to hit two balls like that off the table which in turn can come in really handy in a billiard game when you wish to pocket a ball in a difficult spot.

    I like the game though, seems more continuous and players never have the fear of following the white ball into a pocket 🙂

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      Thanks, SamDal. Yes, I just saw this kind of pool table that I’ve never seen it before til about a week ago. I might play this game one of these days, and at least the cue ball wouldn’t have to fall in the pocket no more. That was a good observation, and one of the positives for playing this kind of game.

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