Billiard 9 Balls

Nine-ball (or 9-ball for short) is an alternative version to the traditional 8-ball game in playing 9-ball Rackbilliards. This is the type of pool game that I am not too experienced in playing with. I tried to play it at one time, and I never played it ever since. Maybe I had fun, then again, maybe I didn’t.

It was so long ago that I have forgotten my experience in playing this. Since I am more familiar with playing the game of 8-ball, it seems that 9-ball is the more “famous” of the two.

I say this because I see this form of billiards being played on sports broadcasting, especially ESPN. On the other hand, when I go to pool halls or anywhere else, 9-ball is not as famous. 8-ball is more popular outside of the mainstream.

I wanted to touch on this subject because I wanted to know if any of you have ever played this game, and if you had fun with it. Was it challenging? Was it competitive? Please share your experiences in the comments section, and I’ll add feedback. Maybe we can play a game of one-on-one 9-ball sometime.

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