A Pool Hustler Defined

Hi! In this post, I’ll go over what a Pool Hustler or Pool Shark or any terminologies that mean the same thing. Basically, these kinds of pool players are professionals like, Efren Reyes and Jeanette Lee.

I, for one, am not close to being one of these players. I shoot pool just to be “good enough” to be able to have fun. Yes, I win and lose games, but I still try to be as close as being a Pool Hustler as I can.

I would like to show a Twitter post to show what a pool hustler looks like. I am sure, this very well defines such a player.

Shane van Boening showing his Pool Hustling skills


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    Cool Stuff 😉 StLMnAvaIL ‘) PnL

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        Welcome Sir, keep it up, although it’s been said never wisein up a fool with ur tools b4 the pool game begins, but then again to be a shark u need talent 2 back it up hehe. and me thinks u got it Kid.

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          Thank you once again, Michael. It does take discipline and body/mind conditioning to be a good pool player, let alone a pool shark or pool hustler. Training also plays a role in this and can take months to years to accomplish this feat. I am pretty sure anyone can get there and with the right mindset, they can. Cheers!

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