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I am going to provide an air hockey table for this article and to this site that I am quite certain that Air Hockey Tableyou’ll be entertained in playing. This air hockey table is something that I found on Amazon, and it’s called the Playcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table that let’s let’s you play a 5-minute game, 10-minute game, 15-minute game, or an unlimited game to see who gets to 9 points first.

The Setup procedure

The time to set up and have this table up and ready to play can range from 15-20 minutes all the way to one hour. Since this table is heavy, it is best to have a partner or more to speed up the setup time. There was a reviewer on Amazon who went into great depth as to provide a video on what to expect from this table. He even went on to do a demonstration by playing a sample game with his son while his wife was taping and cheering both of them on.

The reviewer’s wife was the one that posted the review on the Amazon site, and tried to provide as much details as well by providing several photos. This is one of the reasons why I feel like this would be a good gaming product to promote for this site. Another reason is that it has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from three reviewers.

The electronic scoreboard requires 4 AA batteries, and the table top is already configured where the scoreboard is already attached. All that needs to be done is attach the legs to table top, and adjust the feet so it’s leveled to the floor.

Product details

The Playcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table has this description:

  • High output 120v Blower
  • 6″ pedestal style legs with 5″ diameter leg levelers
  • ¾” thick high gloss PVC laminate playfield for fast puck action
  • Includes: 2 strikers and 2 pucks
  • Hide away electronic scorer built into the side rail

The Playcraft Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey table will provide hours of fun for the entire family. The product also consists of 120v high power air fan motor that provides a fast playing experience. The pedestal style legs that’s included adds stability and are equipped with leg levelers to level the table and adjust the height. The wide top rails with overhang will keep the pucks in play and includes playing equipment.

An interesting thing to note are that the included pucks come in 2 sizes: big and small. The small puck is less stable than the bigger puck which is easier to control, but the game is slightly slower.

The Price

The cost of this air hockey table is priced at $629.00. This product is quite a bargain as compared to the air hockey tables made of arcade material that are found in amusement parks and family fun centers. It measures up quite well to the to those kinds of air hockey tables, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth. As an option, if you don’t want to assemble the table yourself, you can hire an assembly handyman to take care of that for you. The cost of that is separate at $195.00.

The company called Playcraft

The Playcraft company was founded in 1975 by owners Mel and Herb started this company by seting out to create a line of game room products that represented quality and value.

Playcraft’s mission statement is:

Our mission is to produce high quality pool tables, games tables and accessories at affordable prices for commercial, institutional and home use. For more than three decades we have delivered products with great value and superior workmanship. We remain  committed  to continuing these traditions of durability, value and innovation.

Not only does Playcraft produce air hockey, they also specialize in billiards, foosball, arcade skee balls, bumper pool, shuffleboards, table tennis/ping-pong tables, and several multi-game tables where you can play air hockey and pool. Or, if you want more games to play in one table, there’s a 4-in-1 table where you can play foosball, pool, air hockey, and ping pong.

In summary

I have given a review about the Playcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table. I hope that this review gave you an insight as to what the qualities of this product has. If you have any questions, feedback, or any thoughts in general, please sound off in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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    I love air hockey. My brother and I use to play air hockey at Sundays. My brother is the one perfect at this game. This Playcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table seems like a perfect gift for him. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. // Reply

      Hello Mark! Thank you so much for the comment. I hope that both you and your brother enjoys playing on this hockey table. One favor that I ask is that you share your experience as I am eager to know what it’s like. Thanks so much for stopping by. Cheers!

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    When me and my brothers played stripes vs. solids we did close to the same thing. If one of us broke and a solid and a stripe went in we got to chose which one and go again. If more than one of both fall in than which ever one had more is the one you go with and the next person went. When it came to the Q ball you shot from or behind the designated Q ball spot and if the Q ball went in and didn’t break you went again from where you scratched.

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      Hi Kayla. Thanks for the comment. Somehow, I’ve always known that this is the way pool has been played when it comes to stripes vs. solids. At least I know that there are more than one person that I know that has played the game that’s similar to our gameplay. The only difference is that there is a version of stripes vs. solids that if you break and didn’t hit any ball in the rack or if you hit the ball and it goes in one of the pockets, the game is already over, and your opponent automatically wins. Have your heard of this version before?

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    My kids and husband absolutely love to play air hockey. Most Saturdays we find ourselves at the community center since they can get really competitive playing with the neighbors. I decided to gift them with their own air hockey table so they can play at home anytime. This Playcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table looks perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

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      Thanks for commenting, Julie. I hope that the competitive level is friendly one between when playing with the neighbors. This kind of air hockey table is the closest thing to resemble what you see in amusement parks and I hope to entice people into playing on this.


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    Hi Armand! I love to play air hockey. It’s always been a favorite, and rarely pass a table by if I’m with someone who’s game. This table seems top notch! It looks pretty easy to set up and it keeps score, which is my favorite part (bad memory) 🙂 Also, I like that you told us about Playcraft. I like “beginnings” stories. This table looks like a winner and your site is awesome!

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      Thanks for replying, Robin! I always try my best in providing the best possible quality products when it comes to my niche about billiards and gaming. In the future, I plan on finding the right items regarding for future gaming items such as golf and casino gaming. Whenever you’re ready, I am game as I am available to play some air hockey with you. Let’s get a game!


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