Best Way to Break in Pool Revisited

How to Break the Rack in Billiards
How to Break the Rack in Billiards

Hi there! In this post, I would like to add a picture that I found on Pinterest on how to break in pool. This post is a continuation on an article that I created a while back.

I just thought that this image was missing in that post, and felt that the image that you see on the right is thorough and explains itself as clearly as possible. Anyhow, you can see that post by clicking here.

Also, if  you are using the right break cue can break the rack more effectively. Of course, it does take practice, so make sure to keep focusing on breaking the rack where the balls spread throughout the table.

I thought I’d keep this post short and sweet. I hope that you have learned and gained any insight to how to break in pool. Feel free to add your thoughts in regards to this post, and I’ll see you again in the next post.

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