Billiard Table Reviews: The Frisco II

What is a billiards game without the billiards table? Pretty much nothing at all. There wouldn’t be a billiards game to Frisco II Billiards Table begin with. Let alone, there wouldn’t be  thoughts of saying “Let’s play some pool.” Very likely, people will be doing other activities, nothing or sleep.

Well, I am about to discuss a quality-standard billiard table that was based from mostly favorable reviews on It’s called the Frisco II, which is a 7.5-foot billiard table by FatCat. With this table you can have hours of billiards fun where you can play a game of 8-ball, 9-ball, and Cutthroat just to name a few. You would also be able to practice some trick shots such as making your cue ball skip over other balls and hitting the cue ball so it makes a “curve”.

About this Billiards Table

On my Review page, I have listed what the features are for this table. In addition, I would like to add that the balls fall in the pockets as opposed to other tables where the balls go down a chute when being pocketed. The legs that hold the table are made of mahogany wood, and the cover is a brown felt. The bumpers are made of K66 rubber which means that when the balls hit the bumpers, it would have a rebounding effect which are similar to a high-end billiards table company like Brunswick.

Another feature that’s worth noting is that the table top is made of Accuslate. This is to prevent warping of the table where the balls might move unexpectedly. There is a 7-year warranty once this item is purchased. This table has some assembly required. Like, the legs would need to be attached to the table for it to stand up. However, on a positive note, the table top is already pre-assembled so you wouldn’t have to do that. It takes about two hours to set-up completely, and to have at least four people to carry the table top as it is quite heavy to lift. Once the set-up is complete, you can then play a game of billiards.

Prepacked Supplies

Having two cue sticks, a brush, a plastic triangle rack, two chalks, and all sixteen balls being included makes purchasing this table almost a complete set. The only thing that I think is missing, that I feel that’s needed to make it a complete set of prepackaged supplies is the bridge stick. That’s the one item that I would highly recommend, which you can purchase separately.

Unless you plan on not hitting the cue ball to the point where you don’t need the bridge stick, the chances of this not happening is not at all that uncommon. But, since this table measures 7.5 inches in length, I am certain that you’re going to need that bridge stick. This is used as a tool to aim for those hard-to-reach areas of the billiards table should the situation arise. That’s why I highly recommend getting the bridge stick to go along with the purchase of this table.

Clear Instructions

As mentioned earlier, there is some assembly required. However, the instruction manual is clear, and the directions are easy to follow. If you need to contact the company, there is a number to call in the manual where customer service is available and friendly to give you guided directions on how to set up the table. The manual also includes visuals of each item and parts that’s included in the pool table package.

To get an idea of what’s inside the manual, you can check it out by clicking here. It is advised that you follow the instruction manual from beginning to end as it will show you how to properly set up the billiards table, and show you what tools are needed to tighten the screws. There are diagrams to illustrate where each item goes in what part. And, it also has a list where you can re-order parts.

About FatCat

The FatCat company specializes in other games other than billiards: darts and poker. They also sell accessories for these kinds of games as well. Like, they sell a blackjack shoe to hold up to four decks if you want to play a game of blackjack that you can play on a poker table that they sell. For darts, they provide a tune-up kit to connect the O-rings to attach the tips of the darts so it won’t fall off when the dart is thrown and makes contact with the dartboard.

If you want another table from FatCat, you can also look into the Reno II. The dimensions are pretty much the same. The only difference, as far as looks are concerned, are that the felt is of a red color, and instead of the wood being made of mahogany like in the Frisco II, it’s made of maple and lighter too.

In conclusion

I have mentioned a top-quality billiards item that I found on Amazon. I would hope that this would make you satisfied in your purchase of this table. Again, you can check out my review regarding this product here. If you have any comments/questions/feedback about the Frisco II, please add them in the comments section. Thanks.

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