Why I Believe is Billiards Fun

Have you ever wondered why billiards can be a fun game? Well, for me, I believe that Tool Billiardsthe game of billiards is fun and enjoyable because I enjoy the sound of hitting the cue ball with my cue stick and the sound it makes when it hits the other balls. Another instance of why I enjoy the game is when I’m on a hot streak where I am pocketing one ball after another, after another, after another, etc. to the point where I am catching fire, and I can’t miss. I believe it was at this point, at some point in my younger days, that I started making the game of billiards a hobby of mine.

I have enjoyed the game of pool for most of my life, yet I still consider myself a nonprofessional at it. The closest for me being labeled a professional or a “pool shark” is when I am on a hot streak. There are many times that, when I’m on a cold streak, I am unable to pocket my dedicated balls (assuming that I am playing a game of solids vs. stripes) no matter how close it is to a pocket. However, I still try practicing making trick shots every now and then by trying to make a ball skip and hop over another ball or hitting a cue ball to make it curve.

The game is unpredictable

Like all sports, the unknown factor is one reason why I feel that the game of billiards is fun. I would also like to add that it’s unpredictable as well. That feeling where I am catching fire as I’m playing is quite intriguing. I feel that I can’t be stopped. I’m sure it’s happened to you as well. It may or may not be the game of billiards, but let’s say that you’ve been playing a game of basketball, for instance.

After making about two or three shots in a row, you set yourself up for a fourth shot. And, as you release the ball to go in the basket, you have that gut feeling in the back of your mind that it will go in. And, sure enough, it does. Well, this situation happens to me as I am playing the game of billiards, and I wish that I could always be on a hot streak whenever I play, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

It involves strategy

At first glance, it may seem like the game of billiards looks simple to play. But, nothing can be further from the truth. Billiards involves strategy which I like about pool. The game is quite challenging, and players need to actually strategize how to play the game, and find a way to win. This is why we see players take their time in hitting the cue ball. An example to strategizing is when a player measures how far he would hit the ball by stretching his arms and placing the base of the cue stick over the cue ball and the dedicated ball.

The tip of the cue stick would try and point to a desired pocket for the dedicated ball to fall in. After he does this, he would then aim to hit the cue ball. If there was no strategy being used, the cue ball might be hit awkwardly which can give your opponent that advantage that he needs. This can also lead to him catching fire and being on a hot streak, and the game can be over before rather quickly. So, to prevent this, it’s best to strategize.

It’s not too physical

Since I like all kinds of games/sports, but when it comes to actually playing a sport, I prefer playing any game that does not require any running, lifting, or anything that’s intense where it leads to excessive sweating. I like to play games where I can relax and enjoy myself where I wouldn’t have to get too physical. And, to me, billiards fits the bill as a sport that’s not too physical.

Sure, playing a more physical game can make you more healthier, but it’s not for me. As the saying goes, “To each their own.” I prefer to just watch physical sports whether it’s on television or sitting in a sports venue.

The thrill of winning

I don’t know about you, but for me, the thrill of winning is another reason why I feel that the game of billiards is fun. In my opinion, when it comes to a game of stripes vs. solids, winning is more fun when your opponent does not pocket the 8-ball prematurely. In other words, the 8-ball is pocketed by your opponent before all the dedicated balls are pocketed. You’ve just won automatically. To me, that’s a cheap victory, and there’s not much of a thrill in that kind of win.

I guess this form of winning goes for all other sports as well. It may be a not-so-competitive game as compared to the rugged and physical-natured games like football and basketball, but I feel that winning in billiards is fun, and, yes, exciting. They say that winning isn’t everything. To an extent that may be true. But, I enjoy winning when it comes billiards. And, I can take losses well.

In summary

In conclusion, this is how I find the game of billiards a fun game to play. What are your thoughts? Do you believe that the game of billiards is fun? If so, please tell me in the comments section as I would like to listen to what you have to say. Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to find a the game of billiards fun.

To your billiards enjoyment.



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    Armand, I can’t tell you enough how great your website portrays your passion for billiards. On so many different levels I have been intrigued by your knowledge and inspired writing ability.
    As you know, there are a lot of great reads outhere, based on their facts alone. What you did was a little extra. You’ve had an investment that you’ve carried awhile. Your true passion was just revealed on a very well put together site. I can’t say I’m great at the skills involved in billiards. I haven’t played in around three months. After reading your great words of passion. I might be holding a cue sinner than later. I might even use as reference to step it up.. ??

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      You can definitely use my site as a guide/reference to shooting pool. In the future, I will add other games that you might enjoy as well such as snooker, darts, and air hockey for your gaming enjoyment as well.


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