Billiards Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Here is something quite random and unusual that I am going to share with you in this post. Since it’s a rusted-pool-ballsabout anything relating to billiards, I’ll be sharing about learning how to make some billiards cupcakes. Are any of you interested or would be interested in making some of these? Earlier today I was craving sweets, and tried to mix that with anything relating to the game of billiards, and thought about looking up the best combination to combine these two together. Lo, and behold, this is what happened. It’s learning how to make billiards cup cakes.

I have a YouTube video that you can see how you can make some billiards cup cakes if you would like down below. If you have a sweet tooth, I hope that you’re going to be interested in making these.

Anyhow, this is all I have to say about how to make billiards cup cakes. Please share this post on social media, and add any comments of any sort that you want to share in the comments section below. I will respond back in kind and as soon as I can. I thank you all very much for stopping by.


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    Marvelous idea for the billiard player.

    I can certainly see this being made for a birthday party for the ultimate billiard player or for a party with billiards as being one of the activities.

    I’m sure that billiard leagues will find this quite helpful. I guess you can use any cupcake you want, including gluten free.

    How do you get the tops to be so round? Mine are usually lopsided or flat.


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      Thanks Paul! I appreciate the comment on these cupcakes. I feel that these cupcakes would make a great treat for birthday parties especially if the celebrant is a pool player. I would say that gluten free cupcakes would be better since I find them to be more healthier than non-gluten free cupcakes.

      To answer your question on making the tops round, it’s best to use the right amount of baking soda or powder in the batter by not using either too much or too little of it. I hope this helps. Feel free to come back any time. Cheers!

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    Hello Armand,
    Billiards cupcake idea is very innovative and creative. I like billiards and my daughter loves cup cakes and so your innovative idea is a win win situation for both of us. By the way which brand food colors are you using? Are they safe for kids to consume? Thanks for the interesting post.

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      Hi Manivannan! I think the making of cupcakes with a billiards theme is good idea. Since I like cupcakes and playing billiards, I was thinking, “Why not combine the two?” And so, this post has been made. I hope that your daughter likes these billiards cup cakes too.

      To answer your questions, any color would make for a good cupcake icing. But, the one that I use is the one by McCormick. And, this and all cupcake icing is safe for kids and people of all ages to consume. I hope this helps. Feel free to come back anytime as I constantly add more posts on billiards and gaming products. Take care!

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