Cherry Dartboard Cabinet

Ah, the game of darts! How about a game of 1-on-1 or 2-on-2? Now, this is one of the few popular indoor games out Electronic Dartboard Cabinetthere that I find in pool halls and game rooms. The object of the game is pretty simple to say the least. Pick up one of the darts, stand a few feet away while facing the board, and then throw your dart and hope to hit that tiny red target,  “bulls-eye” spot in the middle of the board for the highest score possible.

Okay, maybe the object is not as simple as it may seem. Well, aiming for the middle of the bulls-eye spot of the board that is. I can say that darts is a nice game to play as it is not too difficult to learn.

Other than trying to aim for the middle target of the board, there are other areas outside of that. You can also try and aim to hit the green circle that goes around the target area for slightly fewer points. But, most people get a thrill of hitting that middle target part of the board as it is the most difficult and most exciting part of playing darts. It is like an equivalent to hitting a jackpot on a slot machine.

General rules

The game of darts is mainly played between two players or two groups of two players. The object of the game is almost similar to golf where it’s get to the score of 0 first before your opponent does. Each person or team starts with 501 points at the outset, and it is best to try to aim and throw your darts towards the target for the most points to subtract from 501. Each player or team will have three darts each for a total of six darts altogether for one round of play.

Scoring on the bulls-eye rewards you with 50 points that you can subtract from your total of 501 points for a total of 451 points. The score on the circle around the bulls-eye scores 25 points. The farther you score from the bulls-eye will get you farther from getting to scoring 0. If one of your darts “goes out of bounds” by not hitting any part of the circular area of the board or it bounces off and hits the ground, then it is considered disqualified and cannot be used until that round is over.

In order to score 0, one player must score a “double”. An example would be when player two has a total score of 16 he would need to score two 8s in a row. If player two has a total score of 21 he would need to score a combination of two 10s and a 1 for that 0 total by using three throws.

Reviews: Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set, Dark Cherry Finish

Now, here’s a dartboard that I found on Amazon that I hope you’ll like. It’s called the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set by Hathaway. This has a rating of 4.5 stars from 33 customers who bought this. The hardwood material is made from a dark cherry finish.

Here are the details:

  • Constructed of 1/2 in. thick North American yellow poplar hardwood; Dark Cherry furniture finish
  • Regulation 18 in. sisal fiber Bristle dartboard with removable outer ring
  • Rounded target frame ring to prevent bounce outs
  • Dual dry erase scoreboards and dart holders on the inside of each door; High quality stainless steel cabinet hinges
  • Includes 2 sets of steel tipped darts with American Flag and British Flag Flights (3 each)

Product Description

The high-quality furniture grade Dark Cherry finish can make this Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet Set a fine addition to your game room. Everything you need to play a high stakes game of darts is packed into this solid wood dartboard cabinet set. This high-quality cabinet is made of North American yellow poplar hardwood with a dark cherry finish.

The cabinet features two pub style dry erase scoreboards and includes two sets of darts with American and British flights and a regulation bristle dartboard with a removable number ring. This cabinet stores and protects your dartboard while protecting your back wall from stray darts during games. This product also has a 180-day limited warranty.

About Hathaway

The Hathaway Company which is owned by Blue Wave Products, has a reputation of being  “…the fastest growing brand of game room products in the industry.” In addition to darts, the Blue Wave Products company also has shuffleboards, ping-pong tables, skee-ball, and poker tables just to name a few that you can add to your game room which I am sure will add hours of fun. I am going to add most of these products that I haven’t already mentioned in my site earlier in the very near future.


I hope I provided as much information about this product and how to play the game of darts. If you have any questions or just want to sound off on my post, please add them in the comments section, and I’ll respond back to you as soon as I can.

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    I love darts and bought the Cherry Dartboard Cabinet last fall. I love it!
    It is well made and the cherry wood looks amazing. I have it in my basement which is pretty much my man cave. It is a hit during parties.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation!

    1. // Reply

      Hello Brendon! Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post. This cherry dartboard is definitely well made and sturdy/durable enough to last quite a while as dartboards take abuse from darts being thrown at it.

      On a side note, I have a question. I was wondering, how often are you able to hit those bullseyes? In my experience I’ve hit them just a couple of times. Just thought you’d know if you were curious. I look forward to your answer. Cheers!


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    Hi Armand, I love the game of darts! I usually only play when I go to the billiard hall. Thanks for writing out the rules because funny enough I did not know them. The cherry dartboard cabinet looks like a really nice dartboard. I could totally get this and put it in my game room. Thanks for a quality review.

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      Thanks for the reply, Jonathan. I didn’t know that there were rules either until I did some research about them when I was trying to think of something to say about playing this game. I thought scoring the highest points was the way to win. This cherry dartboard is made of a high quality, and I am sure it would fit nicely in your game room. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about this item. Thanks.


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