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Unlike my review on the Tornado Foosball Table, I am also going to add a Pro Foosball Table by Atomicnon-commercial foosball table that’s geared more towards beginners and entry-level players. Introducing the Pro Force Foosball Table by Atomic.

This kind of foosball table not only caters to beginners but also intermediate and professional players alike. Although it’s not commercially crafted as the Tornado Foosball Table, you can still play a quality game of foosball with this.


This foosball table is by a company called Atomic. It is made and comes with these features:

  • High Quality Foosball Table For Active Play
  • Internal Ball Return and Ball Entry
  • 3.5″ Leg Levelers for Even Playing Field
  • Heavy Duty Legs and Steel Parts
  • Includes 4 Balls

The price of this table is at $252.78 from Amazon. Since most foosball tables cost somewhere in the high $hundreds to a couple of $thousands, this item would be quite a bargain. Although you can install this item by yourself, you also have an option of having an installation expert to install the table. The price of an expert installation would run you at $175.00 on top of the $252.78 which you can pay through Amazon as well.

Additional Details

Here is what you can also expect from this product:

• High Quality Soccer Table with Excellent Playability and Durability
• ½” MDF playfield for ultimate durability
• Massive 13- 7/8” x 1” MDF apron
• Bamboo laminate exterior with black accents
• 5/8” Hollow steel rods with a chrome finish
• 4-5/8” L-style legs offer maximum stability
• Robot style players
• Excellent grip with rubber octagonal handles
• Internal ball return and ball entry
• Manual abacus-style scoring
• 31/2″ Leg levelers for even playing surface
• Includes: 4 foosballs for a complete game
• Assembled Dimensions: 29.5” W x 56” D x 34.5” H

I have included a video where you can see a preview of this Atomic-made foosball table and get abetter idea of how it looks below.


The rating of this product is 3.8 out of 5 stars from customers who bought this product. I saw other reviews from other foosball tables on the Amazon site that had around 4 stars, but they were in the $300-$600 range. I went and decided to promote this item as customers were stating along the lines of “instructions were easy to follow” and the table is “sturdy”.

As for the negative reviews of this item, customers were stating that “the included balls that came with this item created dead spots”. I have done a review where you can use these high quality foosball soccer balls that you can play in any table. Another negative review about this product is that it took around four hours to fully install. So, it’s best to have an extra set of hands or you can have a professional intall it for you.

About Atomic

Atomic Game Tables LogoIn addition to the foosball tables, the Atomic Game Tables company also has shuffleboard, basketball shootout, air-hockey tables, bumper pool, and a 2-in-1 7′ flip table where you can play pool or air-hockey in one table.

Atomic Game Tables is owned and manufactured by Escalade Sports where they specialize in table tennis, archery, utility weights, outdoor games such as badminton and pickleball, and ping-pong (table tennis). These games are not under the Atomic games brand, however. I am going to promote these games in the near future.

In conclusion

I have introduced the most affordable foosball table that I can find for beginners of the game. I hope that I enlightened you about my review of this product, and if you have questions/comments/feedback to this post, please sound them off in the comments section. I will look forward to them, and provide my feedback to your comments as soon as possible. Thanks!

->Click here for the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table<-


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    Hey, thanks for the review. We used to have a foosball table in our house when I lived with a few guys many years ago. It was an endless source of fun (and a few fights too haha). I’d love a new one, and this review has made me think seriously about getting on. Keep up the good work. Stellar site BTW

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      Thanks for the comment, Matt! I hope no one got hurt during those fights. I was trying to find the best quality foosball table that caters more towards the beginners and decided to promote this kind of foosball table. If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to send a reply, and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks.


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