Double Shot Basketball

If you have been to a family fun center, you have probably seen something like this. It’s a double shot basketball arcade game that you can play with a partner. It’s called the Basketball Double Shot Arcade System by Lifetime. This is a gaming equipment that you can add to your game room provided that there’s plenty of space to move.

With this set, you can test your skills on a heavy-duty Double Shot arcade basketball system from Lifetime Products. It is constructed with heavy-duty 18 gauge powder-coated steel, the Lifetime Double Shot is durable, rust-resistant, and will not crack, chip, or peel.

The nylon ramp has adjustable straps and buckles and unlike many systems, it will not fray or sag over time. The convenient ramp design folds up and secures in place with locking pins, providing safe, out-of-the-way storage. With infrared optical scoring and fun sound effects, the Double Shot is sure to create a fun arcade atmosphere, providing your family and friends with years of excitement and fun.

About this basketball arcade system

This basketball arcade system has these specifications:

  • 90L in.
  • Infrared scoring sensors for sure scoring; For one or two players
  • Electronic buzzers and sound effects create a fun arcade atmosphere
  • Convenient fold-up design for safe, easy storage; Folded dimensions- 90″ H x 51″ W x 41″ L
  • Adjusts in height from 82″ to 90″
  • Basketballs: 7″ Rubber Basketballs (x 7), Pump & Needle Included
  • Infrared Optical Sensors Provide Fast and Accurate Scoring
  • Convenient Fold-Up Design for Safe, Easy Storage
  • Electronic Buzzers and Sounds Effects Create a Fun Arcade Atmosphere
  • Uses Standard AC Electrical Outlet – Also Compatible with (4) AA batteries
  • Ramp Materials: Heavy-Duty Nylon Canvas with Side Netting.
  • Rim Diameter: 12″, Backboard Dimensions: 48″ x 22″, Weight: 80 lb. (36.2 kg)

Product Description

For indoor basketball fun without all the broken vases and climbing on furniture, the Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade System does the trick. Two players vie for the title of best shooter with ample room to simultaneously shoot at the double hoops, about 8 feet away. Everything you need is included to get a game up and running in no time.   Additional Features Infrared optics for accurate, immediate scorekeeping Two 5/8 inch solid steel rims Heavy duty canvas ball run Heavy duty spring flex rim Folded dimensions: 51L x 41W x 90H inches Manufacturer’s warranty included.  

Lifetime Sports has been transforming basketball since 1986, providing products that let you throw down a slam dunk or shoot up the perfect game-winning shot. Makers of the first adjustable basketball pole, Lifetime is the world’s leading producer of home basketball equipment. Lifetime makes it all a part of your game right at home with family and friends, the way it was meant to be. 90L x 51W x 90H when assembled. Backboard measures 48W x 20H. Constructed of 1.5-inch thick steel tubing. Electronic infrared scoring. Features buzzers and other exciting sound effects. Easily folds for convenient storage. Includes 7 rubber basketballs, pump and needle. Adjustable total height of 90 or 82 in.


This basketball set has received a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 535 customers who purchased the product. This would make a viable product to own for your game room, and you can’t go wrong with this. The customers who praised this playing set praised it by saying something along the lines of, “Quality item”.

The pros with this product is when one customer states, “There is no question the quality here is top notch. One main advantage to the Lifetime unit is the electronic scoreboard is AC power. Most others on the market, including more expensive ones, use batteries. Do be aware that you will need to assemble and use this near a wall outlet.

The downside to this product is quite minor. And, that is the infrared isn’t 100% accurate. Meaning to say, if you score the infrared tracker might miss it all together. This shouldn’t be much of a deal breaker. Also, if the ball gets stuck between the backboard and the rim, the infrared might count that as a good shot. If for some reason that you’re unsatisfied with this product, you can return it or have it replaced as the Lifetime listens to their customers and replaces defected parts.

The Lifetime Company

Lifetime‘s philosophy has always been, to create affordable products with durability, quality, and strength. They do this by providing opportunities and growing profitability for their people. They do this through diversification, by expanding our market share, continuing to enter new product categories, and constantly improving and innovating. And, they accomplish this by sharing value with their customers while lowering costs.

But they focus more than just quality products. They’re also about being a quality company. Their brand is of great value and world-trusted to their customers for many reasons. Their products reflect their dedication to innovation and quality. They always treat their employees, customers, and suppliers with respect, honesty, and integrity. They look to promote from within the Lifetime family as much as possible, by giving their employees greater opportunities. They understand the importance of power found in unified teamwork, and they work to succeed not as individuals, but as a group. At Lifetime Products, they are a company with passion to do things the best way, because they feel it’s the right thing to do.

In conclusion

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    Hi, Armand… Hmmm… This is an interesting arcade game set. The heavy-duty steel support is definitely an attractive strength. Moreover, the scoreboard is AC powered. However, the infrared sensors really let this great whole product down. For me, this is not a minor shortcoming, this is a major one. This is a major element of injecting the fun into the game, without this element, I don’t know how users can enjoy the game. Looking forward to their improved version of this product.

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      Hi Kiev! I am sorry to hear the complaint. The infrared sensors can be replaced. It’s covered under the 90-day warranty. If for some reason you have a faulty system, Lifetime will replace the product as they have a reputation for having satisfied customers. I hope this helps.



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    Great product here, I gotta get me one of those!

    My little boy loves to shoot hoops at the fantasy land in the mall. I could buy one of these and let him play at home whilst I watch soccer on TV.

    Win win situation.

    I did;t see a price in your review, can you let me know the cost inc delivery?

    1. // Reply

      Hi there, Fairweather Green! I would like to thank your for the comment. Yes, it’s a win-win situation as you can watch him play and maybe develop hand-eye coordination while you watch soccer on tv. Or, you can play side-by-side with him as well.

      As to answer your question, the cost of this product is at $189.00 + free shipping. I hope this helps.

      By the way, where is Fantasy Land? I want to know and maybe check out what they have and hopefully be able to see what games they have there. Who knows? I might promote some the products on this site!

      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it.



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    The product offering DOUBLE SHOT OF BASKETBALL, I think is very interesting, and that parents should consider as an excellent option to toggle the activities of their children, avoiding so they are so deep in the electronic games, to develop physical activity offers both benefit children and youth, thus avoiding future diseases.


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      Hi Renan! Thanks for commenting. I agree with you that parents should consider adding this to their children’s activity to get them active and live healthy lives. Who knows? It can lead to their children to develop hand-eye coordination which can lead to enhance motor skills and better productivity in a workplace.

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