Hathaway Bumper Pool Review

Bumper Pool is a variation of billiards to play that you can add to your game room. In this type of billiards, there are no corner and side pockets for the balls to fall into. Instead, there are only two pockets which are located on the short side or “rails” of the table. In addition, the table comes with the bumpers consists of twelve.

What makes this version of pool intriguing are the bumpers on the table. Rather than simply hitting the ball to go in either pocket. The bumpers act as an obstacle to go in the pockets. It is very likely that one shooter would have to strategically plan to hit a ball in a way that the balls avoid hitting the bumpers. Or, he/she can use the bumpers as a combination of hitting the ball, then hit the bumper, and (hopefully), land in the pocket.

For this review, I have promoted a type of bumper pool that you can play where you can, hopefully, have the best experience in playing the game. It is called the Renegade Bumper Pool Table by Hathaway.


Here is the lowdown as to what you can expect from this product:

  • Price: $579.53 + FREE Shipping for Prime members
  • Felt color: Green
  • Product dimensions: 54 x 39 x 31.5 inches
  • Item model #: BG2404PG
  • Shipping Weight: 387 lbs
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B009QXTMMY
  • Playing Surface: 45.5 in. L x 30 in. W
  • 3/4 in. genuine slate play bed with high grade green cloth
  • High quality chrome plated steel posts and rubber bumpers
  • Internal carpeted ball return system
  • High quality fast action rubber bumpers

Additional information:

  • Assembly price: $134.95
    • Service provided by a local pro
    • Moving table to a new location is not included

Product information

This top quality slate table is ready for years of bumper pool fun. The Renegade slate bumper pool table offers outstanding durability and value to any family. Comes with a genuine slate playing surface for solid & true play. Quality Hathaway features include CARB certified MDF construction & steel corner posts with a chrome plated finish. The sturdy black cabinet includes rugged pedestal base legs with levelers for stable game play. A carpeted ball return system makes game setup quick and easy. Chrome plated corner castings and tournament tested rubber bumpers complete this elegant table. Comes with two 48 in. cues, 10 bumper pool balls, a table brush and chalk. 90-day Limited Warranty.


There were 9 customers who purchased this type of bumper pool table. Of those 9 customers, the average rating was a 4.2 out of 5 stars overall. So, it’s not as high as I would like to have imagined. However, it was the only bumper pool table that I saw on Amazon that had the highest and the most ratings. That is how I came to the conclusion that I feel that this is a worthy product to promote on this site.

As for the positive reviews, there was one customer who stated, “it was relatively easy to assemble and position.” You have an option of installing this on your own or with several people. Also, for $134.95, you can have a professional install it for you.

As for the critical reviews, there were several who stated that the product is “very heavy” and “takes up a lot of space.” If you live in an apartment or a house where you want to place this in an upper level of your residence, chances are that you are going to need assistance in moving this product. Always make sure that there is enough “wiggle room” in a place to play on while using this table.

About Hathaway

I have talked about the company called Hathaway where I have done a review on a cherry dartboard cabinet that you can check out. The company is owned by Blue Wave Products, and you can go to their website by clicking here.


This version of billiards is what I call a rarity. I don’t see many of these around as most people prefer the standard pool table where there are six pockets on the table and there are sixteen multi-colored balls including the cue ball.

So, what are your thoughts in reading this review on Bumper pool? Please share on social media, and if you have any comments to add them in the comments section as I would be interested to what you have to say. Thank you for stopping by to read this post.

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    This seems like a lot of fun. Pool is one game I love to play with family and friends, but this version gives the game a twist. The price is very affordable and I like the fact that you can pay to have it assembled. I would love to have one of these in my game room!

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      Hi Anthony! Thanks for commenting on this review. I feel that this version of billiards, bumper pool, stands alone in the world of billiards as it is quite a rare find. If you decide to get this kind of billiards table, I ask that you share your experiences on this site and hope that you have lots of fun as well.



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    I agree this table is a rarity – I’ve played bumper pool in the past and it is fun, but don’t see one like this a lot. These tables fit in smaller spaces than a full-size billiards table so they are a good option for some people.

    You offer a lot of good information here about this table – I like that you included both positive and negative review comments. I’m considering this type of a purchase in the near future and will keep this site at the top of my list.

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      Thanks for the comment, Randy. I haven’t played bumper pool in a long time. Yes, it is a rarity, yet quite an interesting and competitive game to play, I might add. If you do decide to get this table, I ask for one favor: please share your experiences as I am interested in knowing about them. Thanks! Have fun with bumper pool.



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    Yes! this looks like a great version of pool that my little boy would love to play.

    I do have a concern though, maybe you can help?

    I wonder how durable the table cloth is and if most snooker/pool maintenance stores can repair the mess left after my son digs the cloth up!?

    1. // Reply

      Hi there, Fairweather Green! Thanks for taking the time to comment on this review. I am delighted to know that your son loves to play this version of billiards.

      To answer your question, of how durable the table cloth is or if a billiards maintenance store can repair any kind of mess, I’ll be in contact with you soon as I am going to find the answer and relay it back to you in less than 24 hrs. Stay tuned.

      1. // Reply

        Hello Fairweather,

        Here is what I found to best answer your questions. The felt on the table is of great quality. Not to mention, there have not been any issues. I don’t have a definitive answer as to the availability of a pool repair man to fix a mess on a ripped cloth on an already existing table. I guess it depends on certain locations. However, I did find an alternative to fix the repair on your own. You can check it out by going here. I hope this helps!

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