Horseshoes Game Set of the Professional Kind

Who’s up for a game of horseshoes? If so, how about we have a friendly competition? Well, I have promoted a horseshoes type of game that you can play in the Professional Horseshoe Game Setpark or any place where the sun shines brightly: just make sure not to get a sunburn. I am sure that I would need to put some sunscreen on as I do get sunburns myself, quite easily. Anyhow, that might be a little too T.M.I., I would like to introduce a professional horseshoes game set that is made by St. Pierre called the American Professional Horseshoe Outfit.

Before I get into the product details, I would first introduce briefly on what the rules in playing a typical game of horseshoes: shoes must be within one horseshoe-width (measured across the outside of the open end of the shoe) of the stake to be considered for points. (Official rules call for 6 inches max). The closest shoe to the stake gets 1 point. If you have two shoes closer than any of your opponent’s, you get 2 points.

About this horseshoe set

You can expect to have what it shows in the pic above: 4 horseshoes. In addition, here is what to also expect:

  • Solid drop-forged steel in the tips provide maximum balance and control
  • Ringer-breaker prevents bouncing off stake
  • Longer tips grab stakes for more ringers
  • Finger positioner allows you to play like a pro
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 7.3 x 2.2 inches; 12.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Origin: USA
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B00007KDV0
  • Item model number: AC-5

Product Description

This Professional American Outfit is designed by former world champion and approved by the National Horsehsoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) for professional and tournament play. The shoes are engineered to ring the stake with a dead fall, and more weight is forged into the toe calks (tips) for better balance in the turn. Ideal for leagues, clubs and serious players. This series include 4 American horseshoes, 2 solid steel 24″ long stakes, official rule book, and court layout instructions. St. Pierre shoes are drop forged of solid steel and then given exclusive smooth, electrostatic-ally applied baked-on powder coating, a finish that’s more resistant to chipping, abrasion, corrosion and weathering than ordinary paint. St. Pierre offers this in a durable, attractive finish. The weight is durable for maximum balance and control, and meet the official size and weight requirements of the National Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association. This product has been produced and made in the U.S.A.


This product has been rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars from the 138 customers who bought this which makes it a worthy purchase in my book. In describing the reviews from these customers most were satisfied this product for being “a great gift idea” and “nostalgic quality”. I am quite certain that you can’t go wrong with this set of horseshoes when using this product and you’ll also be playing a good quality game.

About the manufacturer

Founded as the St. Pierre Chain Corporation in 1920, the company began as a tire chain making facility. By 1928, Henry St. Pierre purchased a plant owned by Rogers Drop Forging Company and put the drop forge hammers to work forging and added lines of automotive tools such as tire irons, pliers, grease, and bars. During the time of World War II, production was devoted to making anchor chain and aircraft parts which received the United States Navy “E” for Excellence.

Henry, who was recalling a favorite Vermont sport of pitching horseshoes, decided to make drop forged horseshoes of standard size, shape and weight. His company would become the largest producer of pitching horseshoes in the world, and standardized the game with official horseshoes.

The St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation, which is based in Worcester, MA, was formed by Henry’s his sons, Edward and Henry Jr., to carry on the family tradition. Their other siblings, sister Nanette and brother Richard, would later join the business in management capacities. Today, St. Pierre is still the largest manufacturer of pitching horseshoes in the United States. A third generation of St.Pierre’s, Peter and Michael, have joined the management team. The product line includes the “American”, which is a NHPA approved professional shoe, the “Royal”, an all-purpose official shoe for backyard players, and the all-new “Eagle”, a tournament shoe with larger, 1″ hooks and more weight in the tips for more controlled throwing.

In conclusion

When you’re playing with the American Professional Horseshoe Outfit you can expect to be satisfied with playing with this set. I am hoping that I piqued your interest and gave you enough relevant information regarding this item. If you have any questions regarding anything on this post, please send me any comments/feedback/questions/etc. in the comments below and I’ll do my best in providing feedback.

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    Hi, I just recently accidentally discovered your blog, and I really like it. It seems that you really want to help people, and I appreciate it! You seem like a very nice person. It looks like you really know what you’re talking about. This particular product looks really good and it’s definitely worth the price. I’ll definitely consider buying it. Keep up the good work!

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      Hi Julius and thank you for taking the time to comment on here. Yes, I do want to help people get the right items when it comes to gaming and equipment by supplying them with the best possible items. I also want to give them tips on how to play certain games to have the most satisfaction that they can achieve. I hoped that I piqued your interest in playing horseshoes and if you have any questions, feel free and ask as I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Horseshoes is a fun game to play. My family gathers outside for Easter Sunday and plays horseshoes. I am not very good at it, but if the day is nice it cool to be outside. The game is a nice way for the guys to bond! I don’t think I have ever seen girls play horseshoes!
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    1. // Reply

      Hi Edward

      Thanks for commenting. I would have to say that I am not good at the game either. A lot of times when I throw the horseshoe, it seems to always go out of bounds and not the area that it’s supposed to land on. Since we’re on the same boat, how about we play a game? Loser buys drinks, j/k!


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    Great review about the horseshoes product, how many colors are available for that, more color can add the game easy to recognize the horseshoes when playing time.

    I’ve never tried to play it before as you describe how to play the game, just correct me if I’m wrong only two people can play this game?

    Is it ok to play with the kids? It looks like fun to do and play with family, in the park or on the beach side.

    1. // Reply

      Hi mondejar85, and thank you for commenting on my site. The colors that are available for this game set only comes in 2s: 2 whites and 2 blues. As for the number of players, it doesn’t necessarily need to be played by only 2 people it can also be played by 2 teams of 2 people. It is ok with the kids as long as adult supervision is provided because there are small parts that can cause a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. I hope this helps and hope to hear from you again if you have any questions.


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