How to Play 9 Ball Pool

Hi everyone! I have a post here that can show and possibly benefit you in playing the game of 9 ball pool. It’s a 9-ball rack formationtutorial in how to play the game properly and possibly make you a good player in playing this form of pool. So, in essence, I found an ebook that you can check out.

It shows how to rack the balls before the start of play, the object of the game, and the “legalities” of play. These are just a few of the things that are mentioned. You can check that out, and I also provided a video that you can view to get a clearer idea and understanding on how this is played down below.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Feel free to add any comments, questions, or thoughts that you may have. Also, please share this on social media. I look forward to hearing what you say, and hope you become a fan of playing 9-ball if you are not so already. Cheers!


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    Great video. Question: When a person scratches when shooting the 9-ball, and the 9-ball is not pocketed, does the game end, or does the opponent get ball in hand?

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      Hello Sandra! I thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. As to answer your question, the game does not end when a player scratches on the 9-ball. Once this happens, it will be the opposing player’s turn to shoot. Should this opposing player have the 9-ball as his last shot, it would be his chance to pocket this ball and win. Hopefully, this answers your question right as I look forward to seeing you again. Cheers!

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