How to Wiffle Ball

Hello, and once again, I thank you for stopping by my site. In regards to my previous post on the wiffle ball set, I am going to include an e-book that you can use to guide you on how to play the game. I would also like to note that the rules can vary from one region to another. The game is varied throughout the country of the United States where there are these kinds of rules: 3 to 7 players per team, 2 (or 3) strikes can equate to a batter being considered “out”, there are games that range to last between 5 and 7 innings long, etc.

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I have also included a video that you can view below that goes over one of the many various ways of how to play wiffle ball to get an idea of how it’s being played. I hope you enjoy it and please share this post on social media. If you have comments or questions, please add them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to provide an answer and replay back as soon as I can. Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope you have fun playing wiffle ball.


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    Everything is set up pretty well, i like your home page picture it shows exactly what the website is about. The one thing i could recommend is maybe putting the title a bit lower or maybe making it a part of the banner it self. I like the fact that you’ve included videos on your website and not just photos. The videos allow users to interact better with the website. I also like the fact that you’ve set links on the side showing all your posts and other parts of the website that users can go to. Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you Kaleem! I really appreciate your comment on this post. To be honest with you, I was trying to find a picture/banner that would stretch and be even shaped to fit and be aligned with the rest of my site from left to right. The banner that you see was the closest one to being that. I will try and tweak it some more.

      I always try my best to keep my posts as relevant as I can. I know that there’s always room for improvement. Once again, thanks for your feedback and recommendation! I hope to entertain people who are into gaming to come and check out this site.

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    nice post ,informative and well put together keep up the good work

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      Thank you Allen! I always try and put the best products that are out there relating to the game of billiards and all sorts of gaming ideas. Do come again as I will continue to add more high quality gaming products.

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