NFL Billiard Ball Set

Hi there! In this post, I’ll be stepping out of the ordinary and introduce you to a different kind of billiard ball set you may be interested in. Introducing the 16 Piece Billiard Ball Set by Imperial International. If you enjoy watching football and shooting pool then you might find this to be a perfect combination.

16 Piece NFL Billiard Ball Set – Dallas Cowboys

About the NFL ball set

The details of this ball set product and where to obtain it from are as follows:

  • Price: $103.99
  • Where to buy:
  • Billiard ball set
  • Battle it out with your favorite NFL team balls
  • Includes 14 billiard balls with your NFL team logo, 1 ”8” ball, and 1 NFL cue ball

The testimonials

I just like to point out that the rating of this product received 4.9 stars out of 5 from 49 customers. At the time of this post, this is the current rating.

One customer was noted in saying, “Looks great on the pool table. Definitely gets people talking.”

Another customer said, “I bought these for my father for his birthday. When he received these he called to say he loved his gift!”

I would like to say that I have played with this kind of pool ball set on a friend’s pool table before. The only difference is that it was a 49ers themed ball set. Since it is different from a standard pool table ball set, I decided to promote this product on this site.

If you are not satisfied with this product in any way, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days of receiving it. Make sure to hang on to the receipt.

In closing…

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