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Hello there! I welcome you to another post on this site. Have you ever wanted to shoot pool on a pool table while being outdoors? Perhaps, you have a pool table that is suitable to only be played indoors. Well, whatever the case may be, I have a pool table that you can play specifically for outdoor use that can withstand the weather conditions.

Non-Slate Outdoor 7′ Pool Table by Imperial International

Introducing the Non-Slate Outdoor 7′ Pool Table by Imperial International. I found this table on Wayfair, and it’s currently on sale at the time of this posting for $1709.99.

About the Outdoor Pool Table

The specifics of this product and where to obtain it is as follows:

  • Price: $1709.99
  • Where to buy:
  • SKU: IMP3734
  • What’s Included?

    • Cover
    • Pool Balls
    • Pool Cue Rack
    • Pool Cues


    • Aluminum construction withstands elements and allows for easy cleaning

    Product Details

    • Play Surface Material: Slate alternative
    • Frame Material: Metal
    • Table Size: 7′
    • Ball Return System: No
    • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Outdoor Use Only

Customer Testimonials

The rating of this pool table is at 4.6 stars out of 5. There were 20 people who bought this product and were satisfied with it as well. To quote one person’s review, One of the testimonials were given as saying, “The table is very heavy and appears to be all aluminum with stainless screws. Very solid.”

Another person’s testimonial was stated as saying, ” The pool table is under cover, but still exposed to rain & sun. It has held up well.”

If you decided to purchase this product and are not satisfied with it for whatever reason, you can return it to Wayfair. They have a 30-day return policy should you be unsatisfied with it. Wayfair is dedicated with customer satisfaction.

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