Pool Bridgestick

Hi folks! Today’s post will be short and to the point where I’ll show you another way of using the head of the bridgestick to better your aim at shooting pool. I found this on Pinterest and hope it works out for you.

Using a Bridgestick to Aid In Shooting Pool

Although, it is not a legal move to use during tournaments, I am sure you can do this as an aide to make your aiming at pool better and perhaps give you other ideas (thinking outside the box) of using other billiards accessories to shoot pool as well.

I hope that you liked this post, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments box below. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say and will see you again in the next post. Cheers!


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    Sometimes, it only takes an hour, or so. Quitting from providing instructuon, is up to them. If the person becomes more and more passionate, quitting is not an option.

    Most of my table customers truly want the table, and desire to become much improved players.

    So funny that you mention smartphones . . . while in England, my wife saw a number of people playing snooker on their phone.

    I have a 9′ snooker and an 8′ billiard set up. Most cant handle snooker’s unending challenges, hence, the billiard table.

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    Ya know, for a beginner . . . Maybe. However, if it is not an authorized tool, why even start?

    My experience has shown me that a valuable instructor, combined with a few lessons, is an excellent start.

    I have walked away from teaching someone billiards, driving, swimming, etc., and they share that the instruction proved highly valuable.

    Part of my business is helping people become at least average pool players. That is a great advancement from not even knowing how to hold a cue, or line up a shot, or strategy for subsequent shots.

    Very excellent site, Armand!

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      I appreciate that, Craig! I was wondering how many years have you been teaching people to become at least average players before you stopped teaching. I feel that ever since the advent of the smartphone/tablets/etc, people have gradually stopped playing all together. I am hoping that this site will have people go back to being active again. I thank you for commenting as I’ll see you again. Take care!


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        ps. . . teaching, since I was 15ish. Got my first table at 17, never looked back.

        It is very much a passion, though I dont compete as an amateur or professional.
        Dont have the free time . . .

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          So, I take it that snooker is quite common in England, huh? If only that were so in the USA as that sport is very rare to come by here other than maybe playing it on a smartphone, tablet or any gaming devices.

          I was wondering, in your experience how would you compare English pool to snooker and possibly to American pool? I am curious to know.

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        Maybe, too, we can get local people talking and gathering to enjoy the game.

        For example, Im in Denver, and play on outstanding tables frequently. If others want to chime in, there is an opprtunity to make some new connections.

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