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Hi folks! If your cue stick sets are getting worn out due to many uses or if they need a Cue Sticks Setreplacement, I have just the solution for you. Or, maybe you decide to get a cue stick set in bulk. You might want to read on to see what this post is about.

It’s very likely that you’ll come at a time when the cue stick is not gliding as smoothly through your fingers, or maybe the tip is about to come off. Well, whatever the case may be, these cue stick set could be just what you need. They have high durability, so these sticks would last for many years of use.

I found this on Amazon, and it sells for $102.36 for a set of 4. However, if you purchase through the Game Room Guys, it knocks off around $25. Instead the price will be dropped to $87.99. It’s called the House Bar Pool Cue Sticks by Valley. You also have the option of choosing 8 cue sticks as well instead of 4.

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Here is what you can expect about the description of this product and where you can obtain them:

  • Price: $87.99 + free shipping (through Game Room Guys)
  • Where to buy:
  • Item Weight: 4.9 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B005ECZU9U

Desription summary

These cues are made by Valley-Dynamo. They are extremely durable and can take a lot of abuse. The Valley brand is recognized worldwide for their quality. If you select the 4 cue assortment, you will receive one 18oz cue, one 19oz cue, one 20oz cue, and one 21oz cue. If you select the 8 cue assortment, you will receive two 18oz cues, two 19oz cues, two 20oz cues, and two 21oz cues.


These cue sticks has been rated at having 4.4 stars out of 5. There were over 100 people who gave this product this rating, and because of this rating, I am convinced that this product is worthy of being promoted on this site.

To give a positive review by one of these customers, he/she said, “These sticks last longer than any other sticks I have bought.

On the flip side, there was one customer who gave a critical review as well. This person went on to say, “2 of the 8 poolsticks I ordered were warped.”

Since there are no product that can be perfect and not everyone can be satisfied, I always try to put the best products on this site relating to billiards and gaming. If you are not satisfied with this product in any way.

You can get in contact with Amazon where they have a 30 day return policy. All you would have to do is keep the receipt, inform Amazon that there was something wrong with the cue sticks, and they’ll make arrangements for you to get a refund.


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